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Ban on Hands Free Mobile?

  Cymro. 09:05 13 Aug 2019

BBC link

Drivers could be banned from using hands-free mobile phones in England and Wales, a group of MPs has suggested.

Current laws give the "misleading impression" that hands-free options are safe, they warned.

While it has been illegal to use a handheld phone at the wheel since 2003, using a hands-free device creates "the same risks of collision",

  oresome 15:07 13 Aug 2019


I'm blaming the cars I drive, but the common denominator is my Yorkshire accent.

  Forum Editor 15:37 13 Aug 2019

I would welcome such a ban, it would provide me with a legitimate excuse for not answering my constantly ringing phone when in the car. At the moment, people are always asking me why I didn't respond, and when i say I was driving they always say the same thing which is 'don't you have hands-free facilities in the car?'

I do, but I don't use it these days. I once had a narrow escape when I was engaged on a hands-free call on a big roundabout in the Midlands. I missed being hit by a huge lorry by six inches, and it would have been my fault. That was my warning, and I heeded it. You simply cannot concentrate on your driving to the same degree if you are talking on the phone - at least I obviously can't. My wife is a different story - she can think about many things at the same time, as she repeatedly reminds me.

  Menzie 16:07 13 Aug 2019

Oresome - Ah, say no more. I had a co-worker with a very thick Yorkshire Accent back in Britain. He had to repeat himself numerous times when communicating with other coworkers.

We also had a bloke with a Scottish accent. :-)

  Menzie 18:07 13 Aug 2019

Don't go to Florida; driving with a mobile in hand is totally legal there.

Driving while texting is illegal but speaking on a cell phone isn't. They are looking to change that it seems.

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