BAe Merger

  morddwyd 21:53 13 Sep 2012

Anyone else having misgivings about the possible merger of BAe and EADS?

I know size is now everything to compete on world markets, but although it's a merger it surely cannot be good for British industry?

EADS is the bigger partner and BAe could be inexorably subsumed.

The French have an enviable record in looking after French jobs.

  Strawballs 17:40 07 Oct 2012

My first year at college was spent at the huts under the bridge then Highbury in Cosham that was a lot closer to home as I lived in Pauslgrove. I was working for VT Shipbulding whe we were bought out by BAE

  rdave13 17:52 07 Oct 2012

With respect to morddwyd , I don't wish to hijack your post, but if you will allow my indulgence to reply to Strawballs I would be grateful.

Strawballs , I remember distinctly that Vosper were the first to trial a GRP hull as a minesweeper boat. The first prototype had a hull that was two inches thick in some places. Being young and dumb at the time I didn't follow through with news of the success or not. If I remember correctly they had two vessels that were on trial. Do you know, or remember anything of this?

  Strawballs 17:56 07 Oct 2012

Will start thread rdave13

  rdave13 18:01 07 Oct 2012

Thank Strawballs, and morddwyd.

  morddwyd 19:51 07 Oct 2012

"With respect to morddwyd , I don't wish to hijack your post"

Not at all.

Regularly used to visit Marconi at Brown's Lane during my torpedo development days!

  natdoor 10:19 08 Oct 2012

FE It may be possible to get an assurance on jobs and security from EADS and the French and German governments. However, the UK government will be powerless to ensure that these undertakings are met. Think of Kraft and Cadburys.

  Woolwell 11:39 08 Oct 2012

The largest investor in BAE has stated that it has significant reservations about the merger BBC News

  Forum Editor 12:29 08 Oct 2012

"The difficulty the merger talks are said to be in is over the 'golden' shares for the various governments."

More precisely, our government wants Germany and France to reduce their shareholding in the merged company to a level that would preclude either of them from having the ability to control the business.

Our government has a 'golden share' in BAE, and has said it will use its power of veto to block the entire deal if Germany and France don't comply. A further requirement is that the defence division of the merged business must be based in the UK. Germany and France would probably agree to that condition.

  natdoor 15:50 08 Oct 2012

I believe that the UK government wishes the other two to reduce their holdings to 9% each. The golden share would no longer exist after the merger. With the combined government holdings and other continental holdings, the merged company can do as it likes, just as Kraft did with Cadburys despite the assurances given only three weeks earlier.

Sadly I feel that there is too much evidence that the French cannot be trusted and the merger is far too risky from the UK standpoint.

  morddwyd 20:11 08 Oct 2012

"there is too much evidence that the French cannot be trusted "

Totally untrue and unjustified.

You can rely implicitly, without any qualms, on the French to do what is right for France and the French.

Wish we had a government like that (and I don't just mean the present one, either!).

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