Badly coded Adverts causing PCA's problems

  wee eddie 09:02 05 Feb 2013

I have been having "Long Running Script" Problems for a while and have been blaming FE and his mignons for the Problem.

However, over the last 3 days I have been watching the Site loading carefully and have concluded that this problem is actually caused by sloppy coding among the Advertising Community.

What think the rest of you?

  Chronos the 2nd 09:09 05 Feb 2013

I agree but what is it with PCA that it seems to go out of its way in allowing intrusive ads. The latest being the one that slowly appears offering a survey.On what I have no idea.

  BRYNIT 12:39 05 Feb 2013

I can not say if the problem is coding as I've know idea how the coding works. I have however found that the adverts are slowing this site to the extent that the site did not always load. To confuse things I found some words highlighted in red were in fact adverts and not a link to supply a helpful hints.

After a few days of the site being impossible to load I eventually found the main culprits and disabled and with an add blocker allowing the site to load without problems until something else happens.

  spuds 14:38 05 Feb 2013

Not sure about sloppy coding, because I do not understand these 'internet coding' and website things.

The only thing I have realised, is from the time of the new website and increase in advertising, the 'waiting for' or server seems to be the main culprit's, so as you say, possibly sloppy coding somewhere?.

I never get this with other websites I use on a daily basis, so I put it all down to a learning curve of possibilities?.

  woodchip 14:41 05 Feb 2013

This what I have been saying for years, plus cookie reading is part of the problem

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