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Bad things come in Threes!

  BT 18:18 05 Jul 2019

1st disaster. Got up Wednesday morning to find the large Double Glazing sealed unit in my bedroom window had self destructed during the night. The inner pane looked like an old fashioned car windscreen, shattered into several million pieces. Its gonna cost nearly £400 to replace. Chap came to measure up today.

2nd disaster. Just refilled my rice storage jar with 1KG of Jasmine Rice and hadn't fixed the lid properly resulting in about half of it ending up spread all over the kitchen floor and in Kitty's litter tray and food and water bowls.

3rd Disaster. Just waiting for it to happen!

  BT 17:45 23 Jul 2019

Finally Disaster No 3

My venerable old Laptop cashed in its chips a couple of days ago. I've had it a long time and its story is a bit unusual. We went into Tesco to get a new Laptop for my wife with my Clubcard Vouchers and decided to get one each and pay for the second one. Somehow Tesco managed to refund the vouchers we'd spent so in effect one of the Laptops was 'Free'. Had it about 7/8 years so its done its time.

  wee eddie 17:52 23 Jul 2019

Sounds like you came up Trumps on that one

  oresome 09:33 24 Jul 2019

I didn't realise that Tesco still sold electricals.

Our local large Tesco had a floor added to sell electricals a few years ago but it has since closed the entire department and rented the space out to fashion retailers.

  oresome 10:01 24 Jul 2019

My daughter and her partner were on holiday in a rental cottage a couple of weeks ago and they received a parking permit to use a nearby public car park.

One day there is a knock on the door with a couple stood there. The man sheepishly admits to running into the back of their car whilst it was in the car park and they've traced the address from the displayed permit.

My daughter has just got a new car but wouldn't use it for the holiday knowing where it would be parked for the week and so they'd gone in her partners 13 year old Micra. The back bumper was badly dented but they thanked the couple for their honesty and told them not to worry as the car wasn't worth much and certainly not worth repairing.

A couple of days later they revisit the car and there is absolutely no sign of any damage. I can only assume that with the warm weather, the plastic has softened, expanded and popped back into shape.

I've inspected it since they got back home and there is nothing to see. Had it have been the new car, no doubt the repair bill would have easily exceeded £1000.

  BT 17:51 24 Jul 2019

didn't realise that Tesco still sold electricals.

They don't do online anymore but some stores still have a limited range. As I said my Laptop was 'purchased' at least 7/8 years ago.

  oresome 20:05 24 Jul 2019

Sorry BT,

I misread your story.

  BT 08:46 25 Jul 2019

One benefit of replacing the Laptop is that my new one makes full use of my Virgin 350mbs broadband. My old one only managed 90-100mbs via ethernet cable at best, the new one clocked 385mbs yesterday by Ethernet cable and that was while the boss was watching Prime via the WiFi.

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