Bad things come in Threes!

  BT 18:18 05 Jul 2019

1st disaster. Got up Wednesday morning to find the large Double Glazing sealed unit in my bedroom window had self destructed during the night. The inner pane looked like an old fashioned car windscreen, shattered into several million pieces. Its gonna cost nearly £400 to replace. Chap came to measure up today.

2nd disaster. Just refilled my rice storage jar with 1KG of Jasmine Rice and hadn't fixed the lid properly resulting in about half of it ending up spread all over the kitchen floor and in Kitty's litter tray and food and water bowls.

3rd Disaster. Just waiting for it to happen!

  oresome 19:46 05 Jul 2019

I presume the window was tempered glass which I believe is a requirement where there is a chance of someone walking into it, but £400 seems a bit steep.

As for the rice, you'll be finding bits of it forever more.

  BT 08:32 06 Jul 2019

but £400 seems a bit steep.

All depends on the size I suppose and its quite large and that price includes VAT and fixing. Also its all a matter of volume, its probably cheaper to have lots of windows rather than a one off. Its a local business who can do it quickly. Some window companies have up to 8 weeks lead time for some reason. Thats how long it took for my Front door to be replaced.

  morddwyd 09:37 06 Jul 2019

Well the window should be covered by your building insurance, and the rice, since the excess will already have bee covered by the window, by your contents insurance.

Your third disaster will probably be your insurance finding om mall print to reject the claim!

  BT 09:04 08 Jul 2019

Well the window should be covered by your building insurance

Hopefully, but after excesses only about half the full amount probably, then you have to consider whether they will ramp up the premium next year. Still its easy enough the swap these days as I did a couple of years ago when SAGA decide to almost double my premium after 10 years even though I've never claimed. Changed to Tesco for near enough the old Saga premium and I can do it again.

  morddwyd 09:14 08 Jul 2019

My thought that saga is all too often Soak And Gull the Aged!

There are usually better deals available.

  grumpy old man 16:06 08 Jul 2019

Heres a quick solution for your current dilemma , why not accidently / on purpose break something you don't need , number 3 sorted !

I always say if its going to happen to anyone is going to happen to me.

I started typing a grumpy old man story about things that annoy me about life in general then one day I noticed I was on page 48 of A4 in word. Needless to say the wife was not happy AND she refuses to read it.

  BT 17:32 09 Jul 2019

Heres a quick solution for your current dilemma , why not accidently / on purpose break something you don't need , number 3 sorted !

You know what I actually dreamed No.3 last night. In my dream I dropped my favourite Coffee cup full of Coffee and made an unholy mess. Does that count?

  grumpy old man 17:42 09 Jul 2019

anything counts just to get rid of No.3

  john bunyan 19:47 09 Jul 2019

An old guy goes up to an attractive older lady in a bar. He says " Do I come here often?". (Taken from a longer version in Royal Marines Association e mail)

Slightly off subject, Sorry, I forgot!

  grumpy old man 21:31 09 Jul 2019

Hello to BT and all others.

Today I got hit with my own 3 in a row.

At work somebody wired a machine wrong that I was starting to test it bit me and blew a fuse in the bench , thank god the bench only uses 5 amp quick blow fuses or I would not be typing this …… ouch ! I think said oh dear (not).

My mum is 97 and been in care home for 3 months , when I got home from work a phone call confirmed today she is not just been a damn nuisance she has been diagnosed with first stages of dementure.

A few minutes later I got a phone called from Scotland.... I am retiring in 2 weeks and the apartment we are due to stay in has been destroyed. The one above had a water leak under full mains pressure and a guest in the hotel next door said water was so high before the floors collapsed that it was coming out of the window frames.

Suitable accommodation is hard to find in the Cromarty area as my wife is in a wheelchair and what some people think is suitable is not.

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