Bad losers in games.

  wolfie3000 05:37 09 Dec 2005

Iv just come off of a mmorpg game dis-heartened by some of the players who use foul language when they lose.
Has sportsmanship gone from some players and have any other people experienced this?

  wiz-king 06:46 09 Dec 2005

Try going to the local rec for saturday kiddies football if you want to see bad losers!

It's only a game.

  wolfie3000 06:51 09 Dec 2005

I know its only a game i guess its something that happens in all team games either as you say kiddies football or online games.

It wasent me whinging just wnated to know other forum members experiences of bad losers in games.

  g0slp 08:36 09 Dec 2005

It's symptomatic of modern life, I'm afraid, wolfie3000.

In fact, the very anonymous nature of the Internet makes it worse...

My 10 year old daughter was the recipient of some horrendous abuse last month, so regrettably I've had to block the kids' game site she was on. I was sat next to her & couldn't believe what I was seeing on the screen.

Needless to say, reporting the incident was a waste of time; such people regard being banned from sites as a 'badge of honour' - the ASBO mentality...

(They just open a new user account/name in any case)

  wolfie3000 08:49 09 Dec 2005

on one hand your right about the abuse in online games its terrible that it happened to your daughter.
But on the other hand there are alot of good members in online games i know of a few myself like the members in my clan.

That said banning members can be difficult as they just register with another account like you said.

The best thing is to play with other people you know.
alot of clans out there pride themselves on good sportsmanship and fair play and help out novice users.

Its just a shame there is a minority that spoil others fun.

  g0slp 10:17 09 Dec 2005

"Its just a shame there is a minority that spoil others fun"

Exactly. Well said.


  spuds 11:40 09 Dec 2005

Like all walks of life, the minority that spoil it for others, are the one's that least worry about it.

  wolfie3000 15:02 09 Dec 2005

The best way to have fun is to join or create a clan and only play against other clans as most clans have strict gaming ethics.

There are many clans out there for all types of games looking for new recruits and dont mind lack of experience as they will help and encourage your skills in the game.

If you dont want to join a clan you can just play against others that you know and trust and wont throw a tantrum at losing.

BTW the person who lost to me has been banned so i expect he will be on tonight :-(

  Haol 17:48 09 Dec 2005

I have experienced bad loosers online and offline and I do find it hard to ignore them but the best thing to do is to look away in disgust,lol. Also there are incresingly more cheaters on games that use software to catch packages so that they have unlimited ammo, health etc. They call themselves hackers but are just skiddies(script kiddies).

  Dan the Doctus 20:23 09 Dec 2005

There will always be bad losers, and it's nothing to do with the Internet. My eldest brother is the baddest loser I know (and a Doctor of Physics). When we used to play Monopoly, if he lost he'd throw the board in the air and go off in a tantrum. I don't think he's changed much either.

  wolfie3000 06:00 10 Dec 2005

Iv seen a few "script kiddies" in action most just get ignored and kicked from the server there are many scripts on the net for different games but there is no point in using them what fun can be gained from cheating?

I have many GZR/video files from gunz online of people cheating and if its two rival clans and ones cheating there clan name is posted in forums and no one will play with them.

I know this sounds like a childish thing to do but it does work in stopping "hackers/script kiddies" most of the time.

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