Is This a Bad Day for Farage?

  fourm member 06:23 19 Sep 2014

With the declarations only taking about 15 minutes of over 6 hours coverage during the night there's been lots of talk about the effect this might have on everything including the price of sprouts.

But what about the effect on UKIP?

Many people who voted SNP in 2011 as a protest against Labour have realised the folly of doing that.

Will this make people think twice about giving UKIP a protest vote?

  carver 07:31 19 Sep 2014

All this will have done is give UKIP voters more incentive to carry on, Salmond didn't achieve this result overnight it took years to get to this position.

Years ago Salmond was just dismissed as a trouble maker that nobody had to bother about and he came so close to splitting the UK, so dismiss Farage if you want but don't complain if he comes back and bites you in the bum.

Funny isn't it that the SNP party was also classes as a fringe party populated by idiots with no brains years ago.

  Forum Editor 07:48 19 Sep 2014

"Will this make people think twice about giving UKIP a protest vote?"

I can see no earthly reason why a voter might think 'Oh dear,the Scottish referendum vote went in favour of the 'No' campaign, so I don't think I'll vote for UKIP after all'.

In my opinion the referendum result will have no negative effect on UKIP supporters at all. No doubt some of them will express their views here in due course.

  fourm member 07:49 19 Sep 2014


You're missing my point.

The SNP is a fringe party populated by idiots. It won the 2011 election because people thought that Labour had more idiots.

There are plenty of people saying that they made a mistake by voting for the SNP as a protest.

Will that idea of 'better the devil you know' get through to the rest of the UK and damage UKIP?

  carver 08:03 19 Sep 2014

fourm member why are you looking at this from your point of view, you see one thing and the voters who may vote for UKIP see things completely differently.

Your statement "The SNP is a fringe party populated by idiots. It won the 2011 election because people thought that Labour had more idiots." says it all about the way you look at people who think differently to yourself.

Just because someone decides that the SNP or UKIP is right for them does not make them idiots.

Salmond and as you said his "idiot" supporters got nearly half the population of Scotland to vote for independence last night, in anybody's books that is the work of a very determined man who should not be scoffed at.

So Farage and his supporters will look at that and think "just give us time"

  fourm member 08:09 19 Sep 2014


I'd love to continue the debate with you. But having seen the back of one demagogue who thinks anyone who disagrees with him is worthless and would have suppressed all criticism I've decided to remove myself from the orbit of another.

I'm glad you've had the chance to read this before its removal.

  carver 08:17 19 Sep 2014

fourm member please remember this is not the school playground, it's not your ball to take home and therefore all play will not stop if you decide to leave.

  Forum Editor 08:18 19 Sep 2014

Goodness - Frank Sinatra was a mere beginner.

  carver 08:20 19 Sep 2014

But what I can not understand is why start a discussion then when people do not agree with your viewpoint you get upset and suck your thumb and walk away.

  cream. 08:21 19 Sep 2014

fourm member

You have no concept why people vote UKIP. The only idiots I see is those who refuse to vote in a general election because their vote is totally ineffectual.

With the events of the past months, I believe UKIP will increase it's share of supporters to the detriment of the Conservative party and lightly to the Labour party. The Liberal Democrats should be annihilated.

  Forum Editor 08:22 19 Sep 2014

Never mind, it means I can resume my rightful place as the number one forum hate object.

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