Backing Up

  cycoze 22:22 14 May 2011

Yes this thread makes the rounds regularly, but worth bringing up everytime.

Does not matter what methods you employ as long as you get your back ups done.

Last night my desktop died, master drive definetly gone, unsure about the slaves, I used to make a clone but have not done one for the last couple of years, but am very happy that I backed all my files to external drives along the way, will be a long job installing all my programs and updates onto a new drive, will try and see the positive side that it is a fresh install.

So if you havent backed up this week, think about doing it now.

  lucky1 22:51 14 May 2011

Indeed, a timely reminder, thanks.

  lotvic 23:50 14 May 2011

Knew I'd forgotten something, that's what it was. Sunday first thing on TODO list.

  Strawballs 09:57 15 May 2011

fourm member

I'll (excuse the pun) back you up on this, a friend of mine got an acer laptop and he asked me if there was a way of stopping it from nagging him to make recovery disc's I just said make them or you will be sorry if hard drive fails,which he was not happy about. Well I had not spoken to him for about 10 months when he phoned me up saying, well you guessed total hard drive failure taking recovery partition with it and by then machine was 13 months old.

  OTT_B 16:54 15 May 2011

I'm glad I'm not the only one having hard drive problems at the moment. I'm about to start an ahead-of-schedule backup. When I booted up this morning, there was a distinct 'click' followed by the noise of a drive struggling to spin up. Now I just need to figure out which drive is having the problems. Oh dear.

  ams4127 19:12 15 May 2011

How many people, backing up with Acronis (for example), also use Windows backup as a sort of belt and braces safety net?

I admit to using Acronis, but with Windows backup switched off.

  cycoze 14:41 18 May 2011

I forgot just how much was installed on my machine, taken a day to get everything installed and updated.

Now off to look at drive cloning software.

  caccy 15:50 18 May 2011

I also use Acronis but always in the "manual clone" mode. That way, after cloning, I can select the cloned back-up drive and check that it works correctly. No need then to re-load programmes if I have a hard drive failure.

  Housten 16:00 18 May 2011



So what have you decided to use for your backup? I looked at Acronis but after using it a couple of times I got fed up with it but thought that at £20 was worth persisting, but then found out I was wrong and it was £40 - as I am interested in free programmes I have decided to stick with SyncToy. Also with Acronis you get another programme for online backup and have a complicated process to go through if,like me, you have no use for online backups.

I had a backup problem myself - which to use! Then saw comment from FE about SyncToy from Micosoft, and it's free!!! I downloaded and installed it, and it seems to work OK, and I have even done an incremental backup with it. I just need some more time to spend on it getting used to it!!

  cycoze 02:22 20 May 2011


After spending out on a new HDD and a Dock I thought I better try for something inexpensive, so finally settled on Macrium Reflect

Very easy to use and best of all free for non commercial use.

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