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Backing up.

  Pidder 11:26 16 Dec 2005

Just as a matter of interest, 59 years ago today I started work as a Junior Clerk, posh name for "office boy". Although our letters were typed and carbon copies taken,one of my jobs was to copy them again in a large tissue-leaved book using damp cloths and a letter press. Our boss was a belt and braces man, obviously a forerunner of those who advocate "BACKUP - BACKUP-BACKUP" Nothing changes does it. Incidentally, do folks still take carbon copies or does everyone now use wordprocessors? I understand the term "cc" in "Outlook Express" stands for "carbon copy" although I've never used it and don't know what it does.

  scotty 12:05 16 Dec 2005

I think of cc as courtesy copy. The person(s) who receice a courtesy copy get the same e-mail as those in the To box. When you are included in the cc you don't expect to have to act on the e-mail, your are included in the distribution just to keep you informed.

  Pidder 18:50 18 Dec 2005

Hello all, thanks for your responses, very interested. I must try a "cc" (to myself) to see what happens. I must also follow Andybear's practice with my own letters, although don't know where I can file them.

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