Backdraft an amazing video @1,000 FPS

  hssutton 12:05 15 Dec 2013

Watch this stunning video at 1,000 frames per second in full 4K res. Hope your PC/laptop can handle it.


  Forum Editor 12:21 15 Dec 2013

That is some camera, but at $140,000 a pop it is strictly for commercial film makers.

  rdave13 12:55 15 Dec 2013

Best quality video I've seen on my monitor at full screen. I thought YouTube HD was good!

  rdave13 13:09 15 Dec 2013

I watched the dragster video as well and the stress on those rear tyres is unbelievable. "Letting go" is the title.

  fourm member 13:34 15 Dec 2013

What video? All I got was a series of stills.

Now where's that thread about broadband speeds?

  rdave13 14:02 15 Dec 2013

fourm member, if you pause the video and let it buffer then you'll see it if you don't drop off to sleep in the mean time. I mentioned in another thread that you should chase your ISP and take no excuses, for them to check your connection and line speed. If they mess you around try another one. AOL to ADSL24 to PLUSNET. First two tried and failed giving a speed of 2 meg. PlusNet found over subscribed section in the exchange, changed me over, now have constant 6 meg instead of 2 to 3 meg download speed. Took a while but worth it.

  Nontek 14:14 15 Dec 2013

My BT Infinity handled the video with ease, pity the clip was mostly the two guys talking, not so much actual video.

  hssutton 15:20 15 Dec 2013

Nontek, there's no talking in the Backdraft video, you probably saw the second video where they discuss the making of the video.

  Nontek 16:20 15 Dec 2013

hssutton - you are correct, Thanks!

  morddwyd 21:01 15 Dec 2013

Not sure what we were supposed to be looking at. I simply saw some firemen fighting a house fire.

What did I miss?

  Diemmess 15:00 17 Dec 2013


Please can you give me a link to this dragster with its stressed rear tyres and the Phantom Flex4K which shot the video?

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