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the back stabber has gone

  x123 16:30 07 Jul 2016

and we will have a female Prime Minister.

Micheal Gove gets the least votes and is out of the Conservative race for the next leader.

Lets hope Theresa gets the job, I don't think Gove will get a senior post when this dies down.

  john bunyan 16:57 07 Jul 2016

I would appoint Gove as Minister in charge of Brexit and measure his performance by how well he does versus his promises.

  LastChip 16:58 07 Jul 2016

Hardly a surprise. The only surprise I had, was he lasted until the last three and he may not have even achieved that had Stephen Crabb not pulled out.

Boris (I suspect) may just be having a little snigger.

Whichever woman now wins, I suspect she will turn out to be quite a formidable creature. Neither of them are push overs and both are intellectually a match for most.

Europe, watch out!

  Govan1x 19:54 07 Jul 2016

I have a really pathetic theory that he would be offered a top job if he dumped Boris.

Shows you how my mind works. But you never know.

  JYPX 21:15 07 Jul 2016

I have now seen both Portillo (on This Week) and Ken Clarke (not realising mike was switched on) saying that Boris would have been a disaster. Pretty much saying that we have dodged a bullet.

So.....I am wondering if the reputation of Gove will slowly improve if the penny drops that he is that man that stopped Boris.

  Govan1x 00:22 08 Jul 2016

You have to ask how he managed to get so many votes in the election. He helped getting rid of Cameron and got rid of Boris himself.

I don't think any one can feel safe in the Tory party when he is about. He would do well joining ukip as they are in need of a leader. Or maybe the new labour leader but think he would be worse than the one that they already have.

  john bunyan 12:25 08 Jul 2016


comparisons with Maggie

I think of Nicola as a left - wing Maggie ( with presidential aspirations) , so I don't know what all the fuss is about. The 2 Scots on the ticket - Fox and Gove would have been worse!

  LastChip 12:55 08 Jul 2016

Imagine Sturgeon v the new Prime Minister. What a cat fight that'll turn out to be. Both stubborn, opinionated and forceful. Nothing like the wrath of two women for entertainment value. I can imagine the tabloid editors rubbing their hands with glee. ;-)

  john bunyan 13:06 08 Jul 2016

A mud bath springs to mind........

  john bunyan 13:12 08 Jul 2016


I watched Nicola at the Hollyrood opening and other times; she mentions herself all the time.

Gove was born in Edinburgh and raised in Aberdeen. Fox born in E Kilbride.

More Scottish than "migrants" to Scotland, surely? I suppose Gordon Brown wasn't Scottish either?

  sparrow hawk 14:58 08 Jul 2016

"More Scottish than "migrants" to Scotland, surely?"

I read that as you spider.

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