Back to International Licences post Brexit?

  john bunyan 20:54 22 Feb 2018

Hopefully a solution will be found but the EU may not recognise UK driving licences post Brexit. Make the most of this year's trip!!

NON to our licence

  geoff96 22:12 22 Feb 2018

It could have a silver lining. All foreign lorry drivers could be banned from our roads.

Of course it is just the eurocrats trying to put a spanner in the works.

  oresome 13:11 23 Feb 2018

It makes you wonder how it all worked before we joined.

  daz60 15:28 23 Feb 2018

Another excuse,if true,for the EU to claim 'Danegeld',quid quo pro i say.

  Forum Editor 18:55 23 Feb 2018

What a childish attitude. EU negotiators know that it would never work - UK licences were recognised by just about every European country for many years before we joined the Union, and some EU countries would lose a fortune in tourist income if our licences were not valid there.

To say nothing of the chaos it would cause in the distribution industry.

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