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  lofty29 09:18 30 Sep 2008

Hi Guys I mentioned earlier inthe year that we were going to southern ireland for a weeks holiday and asked what you thought, well we found it a lovely place with lovely people and we were very lucky with the weather. What did surprise us however was the price of food and goods, and eating out, much more expensive than the uk, also the amount of pubs that had closed down.

  Bingalau 09:21 30 Sep 2008

So the smoking ban got to them too.

  birdface 09:26 30 Sep 2008

Not the smoking ban.The Euro.Prices just shot up once that was introduced.

  MAJ 09:39 30 Sep 2008

It's very expensive at the moment, that's for sure, lofty29, especially in the touristy areas. Having said that, Petrol and diesel are less expensive. I live just over the border in N.Ireland and I nip across the border every fortnight to fill up my car, at the moment I think it costs me just shy of £1 per litre for petrol. I used to work in Dublin and it was very expensive at the time.

D'you know what made things worse at that time? I'll tell you, it was Ireland changing to using the Euro instead of the Ir£ (Punt). I can't remember anything going down in price when that happened, everything worked out more expensive. The smoking ban has caused a lot of pubs to close, those that haven't closed have incurred more cost creating outside and semi-outside spaces for smokers to go while they're having a drink.

During the winter months large space and patio heaters are used in these spaces, that's more expense for the owners. The fact that the pubs doors are always opening and closing to allow access to the smoking areas also puts non-smoking drinkers off. Shedloads of drinkers smokers and non-smokers are now voting with their feet and staying at home to have their supermarket-priced drink.

  lofty29 09:56 30 Sep 2008

The euro has been bad for every country that introduced it, we lived in cyprus for a while, and still have friends over there, they have told us that when they went over prices went up by about 15-20%, its a racket, the same happened when we went decimal, and if we ever join the euro the same will happen to us. I don't know whether its the smoking ban or the prices that are effecting the pubs we are not drinkers, do not like the taste, but noticed that beer is about £4.

  MAJ 10:30 30 Sep 2008

I agree, lofty29, moving to the Euro here in the UK would be detrimental when it comes to prices in the shops and forecourts, but doing so helped Ireland, in particular, in other areas. I doubt whether the same would be the case in the UK.
I'm not a drinker myself (don't like the taste either, lol), but I do frequent a lot of pubs while following some of my hobbies (fishing trips and poker tournaments) and it's plain to see how almost everyone, pubowners, smokers and non smokers, is fed up with the no-smoking ban, while at the same time agreeing that, on health grounds at least, it is a good thing.
Remember when petrol went up by 2p per gallon in the yearly budget? Since decimalisation took hold it's 2p a litre, almost five times as much.

  Bingalau 10:44 30 Sep 2008

I still reckon we were robbed of 140 pennies in every pound we had in the bank, when we went decimal back in the early seventies.

  robgf 11:34 30 Sep 2008

"I still reckon we were robbed of 140 pennies in every pound we had in the bank, when we went decimal back in the early seventies".

I agree, the wages were carefully recalculated to match the decimal amount. While overnight prices went from 10d to 10p.

  Cymro. 15:19 30 Sep 2008

If you are for or against the Euro it will come to the UK eventually.
We are part of the EU and so it is extremely unlikely that we will be left to our own devices indefinitely.

I doubt if I will ever live long enough to see the EU becoming the United States of Europe, but that is the way things are heading and a good thing too in my humble opinion.

  Bingalau 15:25 30 Sep 2008

Cymro. Yes I agree because England might get equal rights then with Wales and Scotland, not to mention equal perks with the French etc. Roll on "United Europe".

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