Baby's First Words

  zzzz999 09:56 04 Jan 2010

There's an article on the Beeb about childrens speech development. It lists the most common first words and got me laughing at the thought as doting mum and dad watched with excitement as baby struggled to say its first word

baby - 'mmmmmm'

mum - 'ohhhhhhh he's going to say mum'

baby - 'dddddddd'

dad - 'nooo, he's going to say dada, c'mon we man'

Baby - '........CAT'

Cat walks majestically by, planning its next move for world domination

Dada - 15%
Daddy - 13%
Mama - 10%
Dad - 10%
Mummy 8%
Mum - 7%
Cat 2%
No - 1%
Dog - 1%

  Picklefactory 10:20 04 Jan 2010

Strangely I can't remember my sons first word, what I do remember, and should have started worrying then, was very, very shortly after his first few words we started hearing "No not" and so it began, a teenage attitude at less than two years old.

  dagbladet 10:31 04 Jan 2010

My lads first word was 'mbada'. Initially we considered that he'd merged mum and dad and hotly disputed which was closer. However, google revealed that Mbada is in fact a tiny village in the Central African Republic, which I felt was quite advanced and we have high hopes for the wee man.

  Chegs ®™ 12:07 04 Jan 2010

When my children were babies,I was the laughing stock of the family as I would hold great long (one-sided) conversations with them about any subject matter from cars to tree heights. :)

  Mike D 12:28 04 Jan 2010

Can't remember my daughter's first utterings, but based on the ensuing 32 years, it was probably something like "Lend's a fiver, Dad".

  exdragon 16:05 04 Jan 2010

Mike D - I bet it was a long time til she realised that 'Lend' means 'Of course I'll pay you back, dad'!

  Diemmess 16:14 04 Jan 2010

Our second baby, a boy said Car-Car.

  Mike D 17:50 04 Jan 2010

Somehow I cannot get that part of her education completed!

  Legolas 21:21 04 Jan 2010

There are 12 years between my youngest brother and myself and aside from the usual Unintelligible
gurglings the first words I remember were "I'm a tiger" from a song by Lulu. So of course he grew up to be tone deaf ;))

  DANZIG 23:41 04 Jan 2010

Apparently my first word was 'Sooty' (the cat) and my sisters was 'new shoes'

  Input Overload 00:59 05 Jan 2010

My Dad was into amateur tape recording when & before I was around & anyone who came to the house soon had a microphone thrust before them & asked who the person was etc.

I have some very precious recordings of me 'singing'? Some Beatles songs, one line is: 'She loves you yea, yea yea, with a love like that you know you must be fat'.

Also one where I was 'helping' my dad doing some soldering & I could only just talk & you can hear me putting the soldering iron in the flux & the boiling noise it made. not the best thing for Flux.

Only now since I lost my Dad last year do I realise what a wonderful Father I had.

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