Baby Survies run over by a train.?

  tein 10:57 16 Oct 2009

This is everyones worst nightmare! it looks like she let go of the pram & the path must of been sloped?

i'm lost for words!

(Click on the photo for the video)

click here

  lotvic 11:32 16 Oct 2009

sent chills down my spine

  crosstrainer 11:46 16 Oct 2009

Child. It is horrifying, but why did the parent have the pram so close to the edge of the platform?

  peter99co 12:52 16 Oct 2009

Why did she let go after turning it towards the track?

  nangadef 14:00 16 Oct 2009

Difficult to see what actually happened but
1 - what was she doing to let go of the pram?
2 - how come it accelerates so quickly?
3 - why did she react so slowly?

  Al94 15:02 16 Oct 2009

Stupid idiotic woman, clear evidence to charge her I would have thought.

  kidsis 15:42 16 Oct 2009

in reply to nangadef: (1) according to the news report I saw, she let go of the pram to "pull her trousers up". She did appear to be adjusting them. (2) Could be wrong but it looked a windy day. (3) It's possible she reacted so slowly due to shock? If that film is on the next news broadcast I see, I won't be watching it again.

  Quickbeam 15:44 16 Oct 2009

Lucky escape, but why did the platform have a slope towards the tracks, is that normal?

  crosstrainer 15:48 16 Oct 2009

I think that might just be the angle the clip was shot at. Faced with the certain death of your child, or a slight wardrobe malfunction....I know which I would choose.

  spuds 18:56 16 Oct 2009

One thing that really annoys me, is to see a mum walking along totally engrossed with a mobile phone against her ear, and a young child or children are dawdling along yards behind, usually beside a busy road. One day, that mum will be blaming a driver or abductor for some tragedy perhaps.

  Grey Goo 19:11 16 Oct 2009

It looks like she saw the train pulling in and turned the buggy ready to board. The edge of the platform has been reworked judging by the ragged join in the tarmac and may have been sloped to allow rainwater run off or it may have been a gust of wind. Whatever the reason, it has a happy and very fortunate ending.

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