baby p.......a further outrage

  lofty29 12:27 22 Nov 2008

I know that this will probably get some of the PC members up in arms, but I have just read in the paper that the mother of this poor child is likely to be given a new idenentity, police protection etc when she comes out of prison, which is like to be in five years time maximum. I feel it is totally disgracefull that these people who commit terrible crimes, and infringe the "human rights" of others can then use that legislation for their own protection, it has been said that it will and has cost millions of pounds to benifit this and other scum.

  peter99co 12:36 22 Nov 2008

She probably needs protection from the Media and those who may do harm to her if they found her in their presence. She has got to get through a prison sentence first.

  spuds 12:45 22 Nov 2008

I tried to involve my 'human rights' with a local government department once,under Article 8 and Protocol 1 Article 1 without any success. Being a convicted criminal, perhaps using Articles 2-3-14 seems to make the system more adaptable to your needs and every day wants and entitlements ;o(

As I have stated on many occasions "Its a funny Olde World".

  WhiteTruckMan 12:47 22 Nov 2008

she will be selling her story to the tabloids. Yes, I know there are rules about it, but whats betting she tries at some point in the future?


  johndrew 13:44 22 Nov 2008

I understand there were posters displayed in parts of London with her photograph on them. Perhaps she should be given plastic surgery at our expense as well or better still sent somewhere safe outside the UK - the Congo comes to mind.

  tullie 14:15 22 Nov 2008

Me too,despite the crime,and some people will not agree,she is entitled to get on with her life without being harrased as with anyone else.We might not like it but thats the way it is,and should be.

  syylo 14:49 22 Nov 2008

that happened to the boys who killed this poor little here

  DieSse 15:02 22 Nov 2008

"she is entitled to get on with her life without being harrased"

Can you explain why you believe that please?

  tullie 15:37 22 Nov 2008

Only because its the law,we might not agree,but thats the way it is.

  DieSse 17:44 22 Nov 2008

"but thats the way it is,and should be."

So I presume you DO think it should be that way - can you explain why you believe that?

  ronalddonald 20:54 22 Nov 2008

Oh she be 20 year old, when she is released from prison, personally i don't think she should be entitled to any benefits and she shouldn't be allowed any children any where near her, or have any children.

She may try to sell her story or even write a book, but i hope its never published.

Im thinking when i was 15 years old i didn't have clue what to do in life, and its sad that she has messed up, also sad that no one helped her at the time.

One thing for sure is that the police have washed their hands of this incident, since the Victoria Climbie case. You wan find them commenting or making any comments in this matter, since they have been clever to make sure they didn't get dragged into this case in the sense of duty of care. I looked at pictures of the boy and i cant believe the mother didn't have any care for him, he lived in a rat infested home, the police took note of this, some where along the line a 15 year old needed help.

May be there should courses for young mothers on how to look after their children and the mothers have to attend with rules implemented such as they lose their benefits if they don't or cant show a good reason for not attending and may be even then be told that if they fail the course they may not be allowed to keep their children.

I know i sound to far fetched into this matter but at the end of the day where gonna have another 15 year old mother without any knowledge in keeping children, look after their own children, the gov is gonna to implement some kind of plan or we will see further miscarriges of children

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