BA Strike

  bremner 18:09 12 Mar 2010

So BA cabin crew will strike for 4 days then a 3 if no deal is reached.

Anyone see any justification for their action?

I flew BA long haul last week and found the cabin crew to be terse, unhelpful and most seemed to think the passengers a nuisance. The complete opposite of my normal airline Virgin.

If I never flew BA again it would be too soon.

As an aside the much criticized Terminal 5 at Heathrow was brilliant. Fast and efficient security and immigration and baggage that was on the console when we walked up to it. From landing to being out the terminal - 30 minutes.

  sunnystaines 18:16 12 Mar 2010

BA baggage handlers hinting t their own strike action in another dispute.

BA unions will kill off BA

  Forum Editor 18:42 12 Mar 2010

I'm flying long-haul next week, and although I've been a big fan of BA for a number of years I decided to use another airline on this occasion - I had an uneasy feeling about the BA staff situation.

  Awshum 18:47 12 Mar 2010

I just cut my own nose off....

Oh, wait, I'm not a BA employee.

  bremner 18:56 12 Mar 2010


I worry that you will be right.

When I was booked with BA and the strike threat was hanging over the trip I really thought that if I flew then staff would pull out all the stops to try and get the passengers on their side.

It really was the opposite both outbound and return.

  tullie 19:17 12 Mar 2010

They should look at the pay and benefits that other airline staff recieve.

  Forum Editor 19:17 12 Mar 2010

for the BA staff - their attitude (or that of their union) seems to be hardening, and the travelling public will vote with their wallets. This isn't something that people feel they will weather - if you've booked a flight for a holiday, and see it threatened by striking cabin crew you'll think twice before booking the same airline again.

The airline will pay a heavy price and so, therefore, will the strikers.

  morddwyd 19:45 12 Mar 2010

Yet another group of British trade unionists about to price themselves out of the market.

  canarieslover 19:47 12 Mar 2010

Another lot at it, but this comes as a bit of a surprise!!
click here

  amonra 20:06 12 Mar 2010

I gave up BA years ago after very inferior, uncaring service. If I have to go west I go Virgin, anywhere east then it's the relatively new carriers Cathay etc, BIG difference.

  jack 20:14 12 Mar 2010

Is that in disputes of this nature we never get to know to fine detail.
For instance it is was reported that BA cabin staff are the best paid and best conditions of any airline
So what to Ba cabin crew get paid and compare it to Virgin or Thomas Cook etc?
Let us judge if the strike is justified

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