B & D Hedge Trimmer

  morddwyd 09:50 10 Jun 2010

The clutch has started slipping on my Black & Decker GT 351 hedge trimmer.

I've got the motor out but can't see any obvious clutch adjustment.

Can anybody give me a steer?

  peter99co 10:12 10 Jun 2010
  Grey Goo 13:11 10 Jun 2010

Not sure there is a clutch. Maybe the gears have stripped.

  wiz-king 13:15 10 Jun 2010

On my B&D chain saw the metal bush that is in the centre of one of the nylon gears came adrift - a new gearwheel solved the problem.

  morddwyd 15:32 10 Jun 2010

peter99co - seems not, mostly domestic appliances.

Grey Goo - don't think so. I would expect the motor to just spin, but it does cut, intermittently, but slips on much thinner thickness than normal.

  birdface 15:45 10 Jun 2010

Would it be something like this that you are after.

click here

Site has no security clearance from WOT so best not to order anything from it.

It is just there as a possible fix.

  peter99co 15:46 10 Jun 2010

The Black and Decker shop may give you a clue.

Can you see a clutch? Is it a disc and pads?

  wiz-king 16:10 10 Jun 2010

Most likely to be a cup with two weights with cork outer pads to grip on the inside of the cup.
If they get oil on the cork a soak in meths, wipe off the meths/oil and the burn of the meths should do the trick. They are not usually adjustable.

  johndrew 17:23 10 Jun 2010

I`m on my second unit, the first lasted around 17 years and when it wore out and I tried to repair it the parts were nearly as expensive as a new unit.

Depending on how old it is and how much use it gets, you may get it going with a few new bits, but it will be a "Forth Bridge" or "Harry`s Broom" if you`re not careful. At least that was my conclusion when I tried the exercise.

Oh, there was no clutch in mine, the drive is a bit like a car windscreen wiper, worm gear and eccentric plate.

  morddwyd 20:09 10 Jun 2010

I think some people are confusing the clutch with the sort of mechanism used in a car, where the clutch also has a cushioning function.

In my experience, on this type of rotating machinery (the reciprocating movement is introduced after the clutch) the clutch is simply two metal plates with dogs, usually smooth sided, one of which, the output side, is spring loaded, adjustable with one, or maybe two, screws.

It is this adjustment which is not readily apparent.

If the output was via any sort of gear train, or rack and pinion, the teeth would strip on overload and cutting action would cease.

Thanks for the responses so far.

  Grey Goo 20:11 10 Jun 2010

Exploded view
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