Up, up and away!

  TopCat® 00:48 18 May 2007

I thought there wasn't much else left to accomplish for the record books but evidently I was mistaken. A British Everest summiteer becomes the first to fly over the world's highest mountain in a powered paraglider. click here

His companion, who actually designed the special engines, had to abort just three hundred metres from the summit when a fault developed with his.

So, as another name enters the record book I wonder what's left to achieve in the highest stakes. Possibly someone trying to be the first to ski down the mountain maybe? :o) TC.

  John B 06:34 18 May 2007
  Cymro. 11:14 18 May 2007

So why do they bother? is it really worth all the effort and risk? When asked why,

they would probably say "just because it is there". They may well think that they do

themselves some good, but what good do they do the rest of us?. They will probably just

end up making another boring T.V. documentary for some obscure satellite chanel that hardly anyone wants to watch.

  donki 12:08 18 May 2007

If its a goal for someone let them go for it and all the best to them. I doubt they cared much about a documentory or even the fact that they were the first, probably the satisfaction of developing the paraglider and the thrill of the flight, the spectical and the thrill would be amazing.

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