Avast and PCA review.

  rdave13 01:01 29 Aug 2009

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Well for the first time I'm doubting PCA and their reviews on software. If you click on the link you'll see that on Avast Home antivirus I quote " Despite Avira's number one finish, some of the other free programs still merit consideration. For example, if you dislike Avira's daily pop-up ad, you might opt for Avast Antivirus Home Edition's web traffic scanning and less-intrusive ads - but then you'll have to deal with an even worse interface."
What ads? "Worse interface" what?
The interface is so easy to use that even I can use it.
Please explain the "ads" side of your short review of Avast.

  mrwoowoo 01:35 29 Aug 2009

Sorry but i do get Avira's pop-up ad plying their wares every day.So doubt PCA no more.
Perhaps you have other software that blocks it.
Don't particularly like the interface either to be honest.But that's being picky.

  robgf 01:45 29 Aug 2009

I suppose that any review will be first impressions only, I doubt the reviewer tries the software for very long.
So the reviewer probably only used the default skin on Avast, which while simple to use, isn't the most intuitive interface. Had they probed more deeply, they would have found an excellent feature packed program and the more standard basic interface, but I suppose available time is a problem.
No mention was made of Avast being the only (that I know of) freeware antivirus software, that works on older versions of Windows, back to Win95.

Avira has a big irritation IMOP, in that the guard scanner communicates with the main program using an internet protocol, which makes your internet traffic monitor show unusual activity, which can be distracting. I found updates to be rather slow and often large if on dialup.

No mention of the excellent free Rising Antivirus, which I have been trying for the last few months.

The Panda cloud computing looks interesting, I may give it a try. Although I do wonder if it will remain free, as the Panda Nanoscan online scan, originally worked in a similar fashion (until they "developed" it to death). But eventually you needed to pay, if you wanted to remove any but the most simple malware.

  rdave13 15:31 29 Aug 2009

Thanks for you replies. Typically picked up a virus of my own this Bank Holiday weekend! Aching joints, feverish etc... must be 'man flue'.
mrwoowoo I was referring to what was mentioned about Avast. Interface is easy enough but where are these less-intrusive ads?
"I suppose that any review will be first impressions only, I doubt the reviewer tries the software for very long". Precisely. So not very accurate.

  SimpleSimon1 16:01 29 Aug 2009

I'm a convert to Avira Free and, given the quality of the product, I really don't mind a once per day banner ad when it updates the sigs.

Updating can sometimes be troublesome when there's a major update and their free servers are being hit hard, but it never lasts long enough to cause a real issue.

Like many others, I was trying to choose between Avira and Avast. I guess I went for the former cos it seems to play a bit nicer with my firewall (OnlineArmour) than Avast

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