Australia to UK Non-Stop !!

  Pine Man 10:34 25 Mar 2018

click here hours on a plane!!!!!

I did 12 hours a few years ago and I vowed never again. More recently I found that 4 hours was getting too much and add that to the way you are treated at airports and I decided enough was enough.

Now we put our luggage into the car and 30 minutes later it is unloaded for us and taken straight to our cabin on our cruise ship. We pass through immigration in about 30 minutes, which is staffed by retired men and women who want to be their and make you very welcome.

I can understand that flying is necessary for some and particularly for business travel but for a holiday - no way!


  flycatcher1 22:57 29 Mar 2018

morddwyd I was going on Sunderlands until Bomber Command called but I have always taken an interest in them. My Vulcan Captain won the DFC during the Korean War and I have in front of me the book "Sunderland over Far-Eastern Seas" in which he is mentioned. Another friend was posted to Hong Kong on Sunderlands for his first tour, a little more exciting than re-running WW2 on Lincolns.

  natdoor 10:06 30 Mar 2018

flycatcher1; My stupid mistake. Your reference to replacing the man on the radar side seemed to correspond exactly with the situation at Weybridge. As soon as I had posted, I realised that you were in the RAF, as made clear in your earlier posts. Unlike the case on Tornado IDS and ADV, I do not recall close liaison with RAF personnel on TSR2. I assume that they were involved at Boscombe Down and perhaps earlier in radar trials in, if I remember correctly, a Buccaneer.

  morddwyd 10:51 30 Mar 2018


I could never clamber into a Sunderland without a little smile at the anchor and capstan in the nose.

as As an armourer they gave plenty to d, 12 guns (the mid uppers had gone by then), plus bombs, torpedoes, depth charges and sundry marine flares. Loading fully armed depth charges when you, the weapon and the aeroplane were moving in different directions,at different speed and in different planes was "interesting"!

Working in the tail turret, high above the water after a heavy night when there was a bit of a lop on was also challenging!

  Flat Earther 12:27 30 Mar 2018

Pages 10-13 of this PDF has some info about the walkabout flights including pics of the crews.

click here

  Forum Editor 15:31 30 Mar 2018

As an aside on Sunderlands....

My father was C/O at RAF Felixtowe when I was a youngster, and I was once treated to a tour around the inside a Sunderland. I clearly remember what an impressive sight they made as they took off/landed.

At weekends, my father taught me sea-fishing off the end of the pier - we would sit underneath the 50 ton Titan crane in this picture. (not catching much) until boredom set in.

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