The Aurora Borealis - has anybody photographed it?

  Forum Editor 18:19 21 Dec 2015

It seems that there have been some pretty good sitings in Scotlandrecently.

  kad292 18:48 21 Dec 2015

I once glimpsed this a long time ago and have wanted to see it in its full glory again.The time lapse videos taken from the space station are a majestic reminder of how incredible this planet is and to wonder how 'magical' this was in the days before science and artificial lighting subdued to a degree that intense feeling of awe they must have felt centuries ago.

  Forum Editor 19:00 21 Dec 2015

kad292 Which is why they created and worshipped so many Gods. If you can't explain or control something, the potential for fear is there. When you go somewhere like the Australian outback and look up at the night sky it's pretty easy to understand why the Aboriginals had such a rich spiritual existence.

I'm sure the same would have been true of Britain (or anywhere else) a couple of thousand years ago.

  Brumas 22:44 21 Dec 2015

FE I have never photographed them but saw them in the middle of the North Sea, in some real lumpy water, as we approached Aberdeen from Canada - never was there a more welcoming sight!

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