Attention seeking :-)

  mammak 22:16 01 Sep 2008

What is the most annoying thing your Child has ever done to get your attention?

Just the other day, my Eleven year old Daughter was rather fed-up with Mum laying carpets... time consuming I know,

so to get my attention, she presented me with a computer screen that was upside down :-(

I did a quick System Restore,to save some time,
but later on after a bit of searching Google, I found out her trick, ctrl + alt + up or down arrow.....I never knew that! (I actually thought it was a graphics problem - from some game or something) It seemingly only works on XP, that will teach me not to spend quality time with my Child.

  mammak 22:39 02 Sep 2008

Oh no! I will look into that now. :-(

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