Attention seeking :-)

  mammak 22:16 01 Sep 2008

What is the most annoying thing your Child has ever done to get your attention?

Just the other day, my Eleven year old Daughter was rather fed-up with Mum laying carpets... time consuming I know,

so to get my attention, she presented me with a computer screen that was upside down :-(

I did a quick System Restore,to save some time,
but later on after a bit of searching Google, I found out her trick, ctrl + alt + up or down arrow.....I never knew that! (I actually thought it was a graphics problem - from some game or something) It seemingly only works on XP, that will teach me not to spend quality time with my Child.

  lotvic 22:20 01 Sep 2008

I thought, that's a good trick, but it doesn't work for me :(

  octal 22:21 01 Sep 2008

That made me laugh, I'm glad I know more about computers than my harmonics do.

  Strawballs 22:22 01 Sep 2008

That only works if the graphics is set up to do that, it also works in Win 2000 we do it to some of the others at work sometimes for a laugh mind you the IT dept get fed up with having to do remote assistance to show them how to get it back to normal

  mammak 22:31 01 Sep 2008

And your an Adult Strawballs right :-)

the funniest part was myself trying to get to System restore with an upside down screen.

  Strawballs 22:56 01 Sep 2008

I take it you hav'nt got the hang of standing on your head ;-)

  Stuartli 23:37 01 Sep 2008

Shoot the child...:-)

Seriously, your daughter is young enough to take in the majority of information fired at her and it's the best time to take up what ever proves of particular interest; the brain absorbs information like a sponge.

In later life it could very well form the basis of a life long career - something I know very well in the case of both my offspring.

  GRIDD 00:05 02 Sep 2008

My six year old came down the stairs exclaiming "daddy come and see my big poo!".

  lotvic 00:19 02 Sep 2008

much sympathy for the future

  GRIDD 00:25 02 Sep 2008

she's actually been tested (tested because of speech difficulty) to have high intelligence. In the problem solving and logic tests she showed she was upto 2yrs ahead of her age group. The only thing she has is speech difficulty and nothing else... apparently that's a rare scenario.

  interzone55 09:18 02 Sep 2008

When I was doing a college course a couple of years ago there was one girl who had to use a customised laptop because rather weirdly she could only see text upside down.

Due to the massive amount of security on the college computer system student accounts couldn't rotate the screen, so the college took an old laptop and physically rotated the screen (not easy as the screen cables are very short, a new one had to be soldered in place).

This is a Manchester Evening News story about this remarkable girl click here

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