Attention Pipex users

  anchor 17:16 21 Apr 2006

Do you use the personal web space at Pipex?; if so, check it now. They have had web server problems over the last few days, but I received a-mail from them this afternoon saying all was well.

However, in my case that was far from the truth. Not only is my site not running properly but many of my panorama pictures have been ruined.

This is an example:

click here

  anchor 17:21 21 Apr 2006


Fortunately I do have back-ups of everything.

  anchor 16:35 24 Apr 2006

Just finished reloading all the faulty files to the Pipex server. This problem was due to maintenance on their server. For a professional company this was inexcusable. No word of apology, despite my e-mail to them with a complaint.

It has been said many times before, but it goes to show the importance of back-ups, not only of files on your PC, but also anything you have on a server.

If you are interested to see what they did, look here;

click here

No prizes for guessing which is which.

  anchor 17:04 11 May 2006

I don`t believe it!, (as Victor Meldrew would say).

My personal web space with Pipex is down yet again. For a company that is supposed to be one of the tops in its field, they seem to making a hash of things. The Pipex site states that there is a problem and their engineers are working on it. The last update was 4th May; what can they be doing?.

  GroupFC 10:08 12 May 2006

Your not having much luck with pipex are you?

As you may recall I am with pipex and have registered some webspace. As yet this is unused, mainly because I don't now what to put on it (or for that matter how to put anything on it!). I am at the moment using an old version of Netobjects and playing around with making a website, but given your troubles, I might put this on hold for the time-being!

  anchor 14:47 12 May 2006


Things seem to have righted themselves today. Hopefully that is the end of their problems; time will tell. To be fair, they did reply promptly to my complaint.

Up to about a month ago never had any difficulties with Pipex in the 4 or so years I have been with them. Then they did server maintenance and chaos reigned; not only on my site but, from reading other forum postings, many other users also. Photographs were particularly badly affected.

By all means make your trial website, upload it to Pipex, but keep a backup of everything, (just in case).

  The Spires 22:42 12 May 2006

You could get a proper ISP click here

  anchor 14:44 30 May 2006

After a short while when all seemed well, it seems Pipex are having problems again.

On Friday I could not log onto my web-space server, and saw on their status page that there is a problem.

The problem is still there today, despite being informed last week that engineers were working on it. Surely their engineers work weekends and bank holidays; like other maintenance services have to. Pipex charge enough; more than many other ISP`s.

The web space may be "free", but I am sure it is costed into my monthly subscription.

I have had web space with for years; never any difficulties.

  anchor 13:50 31 May 2006

Problem fixed today. Let`s hope thats the last.

  HSGaming 19:31 12 Jun 2006

Im having problems with my pipex webspace. My sites show fine but I can't connect to my web space through FTP programs or Internet Explorer.

Anyone else got this problem or got any advice, have sent a message to pipex but id like to get access ASAP.

Ive tried 2 FTP Programs, the 1st Flash FXP attempts to connect and ends up saying:

Data Socket Error: Connection Failed

The 2nd SmartFTP says the following:

425 Can't open data connection.

When trying through Internet Explorer it says:
The server name or address could not be resolved.

Any suggestions are welcome & thnx for reading.

  anchor 16:01 14 Jun 2006

It a long time since I started with Pipex ADSL, and I cannot recall if it was initially necessary to register for it; (some ISP`s need you to do this).

These are the details I use in CuteFTP: (they work for me)

dslclick here (FTP host address)

your user ID (FTP site user name)

e.g: abcd77

your password (FTP site password)

21 (FTP site connection port)

Log in type: Normal

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