Athletic traing course....anyone?

  bof:) 16:28 27 Aug 2008

Hi all my nephew is using our local running track and just come 5th in his race against what he considers to be some 'good' runners. He also came 5th in the long jump.

Unfortunately the local track is run by an athletics club that do not offer any training courses.

Does anyone know of any online (free for now) traing courses my nephew could look at ?

I did try to find anything the government where doing but could not find anything?

He is interested in sprinting, long jump and over 200 meters I think.

Many thanks,


  version8 16:30 27 Aug 2008
  Bingalau 18:18 27 Aug 2008

Can he not join that particular club?

  Quickbeam 08:53 28 Aug 2008

Can he not join that particular club?... Ditto.

If he's got a potential talent, the said club have a full 4 years to bring the best out of him. And if he's even quite good at several events, he might be a new decathlete.

  dagbladet 09:20 28 Aug 2008

Good luck to him, and from recent experience, could I add a cautionary note. Beware the cliques. ;-)

  Bingalau 09:36 28 Aug 2008

It is well worth his parents while to pay for him to join an athletics club, even if only for a certain time. It will keep him off the streets and keep him fit and he will make new friends. all my children were members of a swimming club and benefited from it. One of them was national standard and was asked by the British team coach to go and live with him in the area he lived, so that he would have better access to a 50 meter pool. But bless him he wouldn't leave home at the tender age of thirteen. (We never forced him to do anything). But club membership is a godsend, if at times expensive.

  bof:) 09:59 31 Aug 2008

Hi all, thanks for the replies. I've spoken to my nephew and he is certain that the club have a good track (council built and owned I believe) but they have no training schedules or proper trainer.

What he is trying to find is a schedule he can follow whilst at home to build his strength/stamina up.

I'll check with him and check that he has got his fact right.

Thankyou all for your help and advice,


  Bingalau 10:52 31 Aug 2008

If he's keen then get him in to a club..

  wee eddie 16:15 31 Aug 2008

They are most likely to have access to one or even several.

General Fitness training, and other Amateur Sporting information, can usually be accessed at the local Council Run Swimming Baths, sometimes the Library is a good source as well.

Probably the best move would be to contact the Club Secretary and ask for advice.

It is unlikely that anyone offers "Training Courses" as such, because there are so few individuals in any given discipline and Self Motivation is the factor which is probably the ultimate requirement of success in any of the Field and Track Events.

  bof:) 13:42 05 Oct 2008

Hi All, due to other commitments (its football season so I'm told) my nephew has had to cut back on his running for a while.

He says he will go and ask again about training.

many thanks everyone for your help,


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