Is this aTalkTalk scam?

  michaelw 10:38 07 Dec 2013

This is a new one on me.

Received a letter from them today, addressed to me saying confirmation of the set up of direct debit instruction. My name and address were correct but the bank a/c no. and sort code of someone else. I traced the sort code to HSBC in London.

Has anyone else had this?

  spuds 11:13 07 Dec 2013

You say it was a letter and not an email or even telephone call?.

I had problems with TalkTalk once, over their mistakes in setting up a direct debit payment arrangement. The only thing that I know about a non-payment, was when I find that my broadband but not my telephone had been terminated immediately. A telephone message about contacting TalkTalk was left on an answer machine, but I assumed this was for a sales pitch, because TalkTalk wanted me to upgrade.

I would suggest that you contact TalkTalk accounts via their landline support telephone contact details, assuming that you are indeed a TalkTalk subscriber. I did, and the issues were resolved, there and then.

No point in 'thinking' what might be happening, then perhaps find the letter is genuine (with mistakes), then finding you have been 'cut-off'. Because as I said, from my previous experience, TalkTalk give very little leeway to account problems, even though it might be on their side, the mistake was made?.

  fourm member 11:21 07 Dec 2013

Implicit in those earlier replies but worth stressing is don't use any contact information from the letter to contact TalkTalk. Find their contact info yourself, just in case.

  michaelw 11:40 07 Dec 2013

It states: If any of the above details are incorrect please call our customer services team on (a number which charges for calls).

I don't want to pay them money for their scam/mistake.

I've never had any dealings with them at all.

I just wondered if it was a new way for them to make money via phone calling.

  spuds 12:04 07 Dec 2013

" I just wondered if it was a way for them to make money via phone calling".

But why would that be the case?.

All TalkTalk subscriber's have details of contact for support, which while perhaps a 0870 number is actually free to use for TT subscribers with TT telephone. There are other direct lines, but these are usually easy to locate via an internet check.

Even though it now appears that "I've never had any dealings with them at all". I would still suggest contacting TalkTalk (after you have checked for the genuine TT accounts number) , due to the letter being addressed to you personally?.

  alB* 12:07 07 Dec 2013

Agree with spuds, I certainly wouldn't let it go without contacting them, try this site for an alternate number enter link description here ...alB

1]: [click here

  alB* 12:09 07 Dec 2013

Sorry, that link was rubbish ! enter link description here

  lotvic 12:35 07 Dec 2013


Are you a TalkTalk customer? If Yes, For how long?

Have you just joined them and set up a Direct Debit?

  fourm member 14:10 07 Dec 2013

From TalkTalk website

Free from your TalkTalk landline: 0870 444 1820

Mobile friendly: 0203 441 5550

As I said before DO NOT use the contact details given in the letter.

  bumpkin 14:32 07 Dec 2013

I've never had any dealings with them at all. If that is the case probably best to inform your bank to be on the safe side.

  lotvic 15:02 07 Dec 2013

Tell us the telephone number 'they' want you to ring, it can easily be checked to see if it is a valid TalkTalk phone number.

If you've never had any dealings with TalkTalk at all previously then the letter must be a scam, but not a scam from the genuine TalkTalk Company.

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