Asteroid to hit Earth!

  24/7 23:25 06 Oct 2008

This sounds like it would be amazing to see when it arrives providing they have the size correct & its not a 2 mile wide one..

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  Quickbeam 00:20 07 Oct 2008

it'll make a good disaster movie plot... Oh, I'm told it's been done.

  jack 07:49 07 Oct 2008

'I assume the scientists are hoping we'll pay attention if they say there is a big one coming.'

If its dinosaur size wipe out size, it is in all probability better they did not let on.

I mean they could say'Its coming in 2012'[There is some theory that some ancient scripts say this]
Then we all go on a spending spree, then 2012 comes and its a 'damp squib' and only New York or LA gets knocked out- and the rest of us are all broke coz we spent it all in anticipation street farewell parties

  DANZIG 08:09 07 Oct 2008

I've often thought that as well jack. If the 'people that know' knew for a fact that we were going to get wiped out by a asteroid, would they actually let on?

I don't think they would, all we (the little people) would see would be the great and the good suddenly disappear from out TV screens as they all go to a specially arranged summit somewhere.

  Quickbeam 08:20 07 Oct 2008

I think the best place to be would be directly under it... no point in needless suffering is there:(

  laurie53 08:59 07 Oct 2008

I knew steroids were bad for you, but I never realized a particular steroid could wipe out the planet.

  jack 10:41 07 Oct 2008

I know some folk reckon steriods are a pain in the bum ;-}

  peter99co 10:52 07 Oct 2008

Possible Debit crunch on the horizon?

  Seth Haniel 13:46 07 Oct 2008

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Nasa scientists at Ames Research Center in Mountain View say scientists did something Monday night that they've never been able to do before. They were able to predict where and when an asteroid would enter the earth's atmosphere.

they were able to predict the impact 12 hours in advance

Not much time to hide :)

  peter99co 15:36 07 Oct 2008

They had a shock some years ago when they found a big one that passed very close to Earth and they picked it up as it went away. They had missed the approach completely. It's all in the timing of the orbits of the Earth and the Asteroid.

Something like this one
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or this

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  kev d 15:43 07 Oct 2008

asteroid will hit the earth then it is to predict Spurs' next win in the Premiership.

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