asking people what they would like to eat.

  carver 12:18 29 Dec 2018

Got a little rant about food, I do all the cooking in the house and it's for 4 adults. my wife, daughter (28) son (24) and myself. It's something I like doing but it's so frustrating at times when you ask what people want and they reply "I'll have whatever" . This is the one answer I don't want, then when you turn round and say , we will have this for tea they then say "don't want that". Sometimes murder springs to mind. Sorry rant over.

  onthelimit1 11:43 25 Jan 2019

I do the cooking and try not to repeat a meal within 3 weeks - have a large folder of recipes of meals we've tried and liked over the years, so not difficult.

  Forum Editor 11:43 26 Jan 2019

"THURSEDAY is egg and chips , always has been always will be."

I can think of nothing worse than knowing what I am going to eat on each day of the week.

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