asking people what they would like to eat.

  carver 12:18 29 Dec 2018

Got a little rant about food, I do all the cooking in the house and it's for 4 adults. my wife, daughter (28) son (24) and myself. It's something I like doing but it's so frustrating at times when you ask what people want and they reply "I'll have whatever" . This is the one answer I don't want, then when you turn round and say , we will have this for tea they then say "don't want that". Sometimes murder springs to mind. Sorry rant over.

  oresome 12:29 31 Dec 2018

I'm a fast eater. A habit I developed at school.

The dining room couldn't accommodate everyone at one sitting, so there were three sittings in the space of 80 minutes or so. As a server I had to queue to collect the food in tureens, serve it out to a table of eight and then eat my own and then collect the dirty plates, return them to the counter and collect the pudding then repeat the process.

As a carrot to make the operation slick, the tables that finished quickly were often offered seconds.

  Belatucadrus 14:56 31 Dec 2018

Back in the day before elf n safety got involved our school canteen had two large bins outside labelled "Pig Swill". The standard question was always Is that going in or coming out ?. This was back when school liver was either blue or green and had the texture of boot leather and school ice cream was as solid as a brick because somehow thy managed to get it below absolute zero. Always served with a molten lumpy brown gloop that was referred to as chocolate sauce, despite having no discernable chocolate content.

  carver 09:18 01 Jan 2019

Brumas, "I tend to be a fast eater as otherwise they would be nothing left on the table - old habits die hard!" have the same problem as I also had 6 sisters and a brother sat at the table and if you happened to say "don't like that" it disappeared off your plate quicker than you could blink, needless to say you only said it once and it was an awful long time between meals.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:13 01 Jan 2019

"What do you want for dinner?"

"What have we got?"

"bread and same - now't on one side same on t'other", "bread and ifit - if we've got it you can have it", "run round table and kick at the pantry door - meaning we haven't got anything"

  Brumas 10:16 01 Jan 2019

carver, As a growing lad I remember once, being so hungry, I ate a raw spud after spud picking because my older brothers (4 brothers and 3 sisters) had been gannets at the table!

  Forum Editor 10:35 01 Jan 2019

" ice cream was as solid as a brick"

Ice cream? Luxury - I never saw any when I was at school. We had to wait for the Wall's ice cream van to stop outside the house and ring its chimes.

  Pine Man 10:36 01 Jan 2019

Referring back to my boarding school days, we used to supplement our school diet by snaring and cooking rabbits.

On one occasion a van came to deliver bread to the school. The driver went indoors to get the order BUT left the back of the van open. Not many kids went hungry that day!

  lasandrabourque 16:03 24 Jan 2019

hm, i dream of goooood steak with vegetable salad and grapefruit juice...mmm... delicious

  BT 17:53 24 Jan 2019

I've come to the conclusion that people in TV dramas live on carrots. Whenever there is a scene in a kitchen and someone is preparing food they almost invariably spend their time chopping or peeling carrots.

  Proclaimer 18:58 24 Jan 2019

14 day menu plan is what you need.

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