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asking people what they would like to eat.

  carver 12:18 29 Dec 2018

Got a little rant about food, I do all the cooking in the house and it's for 4 adults. my wife, daughter (28) son (24) and myself. It's something I like doing but it's so frustrating at times when you ask what people want and they reply "I'll have whatever" . This is the one answer I don't want, then when you turn round and say , we will have this for tea they then say "don't want that". Sometimes murder springs to mind. Sorry rant over.

  Pine Man 15:50 29 Dec 2018

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that, whatever the size of the portion served up to my grandchildren, they will always leave some.

  oresome 16:44 29 Dec 2018

This is how it goes in Oresome Towers.

Wife: What would you like for tea?

Me: Whatever.

Wife: Well say!

Me: Roast beef.

Wife: The beef is frozen and you should have told me earlier if you wanted beef.

Me: What have you got?

Wife: All the usual.

Me: I could eat some smoked haddock.

Wife: I have no fresh bread that you like to eat with the haddock.

Me: How about that pork loin joint you bought?

Wife: That will feed four and I'm saving it for when we have company.

Me: It's a while since we had meatballs and pasta.

Wife: Damn! That's what I intended to get at the supermarket. We've no pasta sauce.

Me: What do you fancy?

Wife: I could just eat roast chicken.

Me: I didn't know we had a chicken.

Wife: We don't. I'm simply telling you what I could really enjoy.


Some time later we settle on beans on toast.

  qwbos 17:09 29 Dec 2018

What to do is ask them what they'd like to eat, and when they reply, look off into the distance thoughtfully, then, after a short pause, say "Yes. That would be nice. But we're having -----------

  john bunyan 17:30 29 Dec 2018

We had a daughter, SIL, 3 x 20 something granddaughters, a boyfriend, a 7 year old and a Jack Russell round for supper on Christmas Eve. My wife knows that 2 of the grandchildren are Vegan, one a Veggie. We put out a cooked salmon, various quiches etc etc. In the end the adults dived into the Vegan stuff and the vegans strayed into the Veggie section. We have been eating salmon remnants since. Too much choice.

When I was young rationing was in force - it was the best diet the country has ever had, with few choices.

  Pine Man 08:31 30 Dec 2018

I went to boarding school in the 50s. The only food you got was what was put in front of you and if you didn't eat it you went hungry.

The only concessions were to Muslims who were excused bacon and as far as I can remember there were no concessions to vegetarians.

  Forum Editor 13:43 30 Dec 2018

"The only food you got was what was put in front of you and if you didn't eat it you went hungry."

That is how it was at home when I was young. As a result, I grew up eating pretty well anything - no food fads and no expectation of being offered a menu at mealtimes. My wife's childhood was the same.

Now I do the majority of the cooking in our house (because I enjoy it, and my wife often has no idea what will be on the table until we sit down to eat.

  Brumas 14:54 30 Dec 2018

Pine Man The only food you got was what was put in front of you and if you didn't eat it you went hungry.. I don't mind admitting that we were very poor, eight of us growing up in Hull, not a lot of money coming in as my father was a only a Lockgate Man. Good job fish was cheaper than meat as I grew up on that and bread and marg, otherwise I would not be six foot tall and reasonably fit now!

I tend to be a fast eater as otherwise they would be nothing left on the table - old habits die hard!

  oresome 12:29 31 Dec 2018

I'm a fast eater. A habit I developed at school.

The dining room couldn't accommodate everyone at one sitting, so there were three sittings in the space of 80 minutes or so. As a server I had to queue to collect the food in tureens, serve it out to a table of eight and then eat my own and then collect the dirty plates, return them to the counter and collect the pudding then repeat the process.

As a carrot to make the operation slick, the tables that finished quickly were often offered seconds.

  carver 09:18 01 Jan 2019

Brumas, "I tend to be a fast eater as otherwise they would be nothing left on the table - old habits die hard!" have the same problem as I also had 6 sisters and a brother sat at the table and if you happened to say "don't like that" it disappeared off your plate quicker than you could blink, needless to say you only said it once and it was an awful long time between meals.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:13 01 Jan 2019

"What do you want for dinner?"

"What have we got?"

"bread and same - now't on one side same on t'other", "bread and ifit - if we've got it you can have it", "run round table and kick at the pantry door - meaning we haven't got anything"

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