Asil Nadir is granted Legal Aid??

  Autoschediastic 21:17 07 Jun 2011

Dear me i am lost with out words here how is this justified???


  TopCat® 21:53 07 Jun 2011

This decision sort of leaves a nasty taste in my mouth, when I think back to the days of his great wealth and high status prior to his empire collapsing.

None of us are privy to his current financial status, but I'll bet he still has a few quid stashed away somewhere safe that would go a very long way towards paying his legal team.

Now once again, the good, old UK taxpayer will be picking up the tab which I'm fairly certain will be running into some millions by the trial's conclusion. TC.

  cream. 21:53 07 Jun 2011

Any UK citizen is entitled to legal aid, if they qualify for it.

  cream. 21:56 07 Jun 2011

and you can bet, he qualifies for it.

All assets will be in his wife's name.

The house will be rented via a "friend".

And his accountants will show he is penniless.

  lotvic 23:03 07 Jun 2011

It's normal proceedure, then they means test you afterwards to see how much you have to pay back.

"Provided the case is in the interests of justice, legal aid is automatically granted to a defendant in the crown court regardless of their financial status:

Crown Court trial

The means test will consider your client's income and capital assests. Your client may be liable for contributions during the proceedings or at the end of their case. "

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