Ashamed to be a Yorkshireman

  gardener 00:37 08 Jun 2009

The BNP have got their first MEP elected, by Yorkshire and Humber voters. Oh well done, you intolerant racist bigots who live near me.

  gengiscant 06:01 08 Jun 2009

Is it just me but I thought that we lived in a free society.Now, it seems fine to allow the far left to exist but not the far right.
Communism is as abhorrent as Fascism yet very little is said against Communism.

Under the banner of Marxism, Josef Stalin in Russia and Mao Tse-tung in China slaughtered many millions in an attempt socially to engineer the perfect society.

Extremism whichever side of the political divide should be protested against.

  octal 07:33 08 Jun 2009

It is a free choice to vote for who you like. It's up to the main stream parties to look at themselves to ask the reason why the BMP get elected, not to whinge on about it, 916,424 people voted for them and the main parties need to analyse the reason why before it gets out of hand.

  Kevscar1 07:54 08 Jun 2009

You have no need to be ashamed, it's the 3 main party MP's who should be ashemed that their greed has driven people to vote for the BNP

  Quickbeam 08:18 08 Jun 2009

Their election win is partly due to anti-present government feeling and partly due to believing that the main parties are not addressing grass roots problems in society.

We've a long way to go before we're trapped into the Nazi Germany route to self destruction, but it's a warning for them to listen more favourably to 'all' opinions, not just those of the over liberal & pc camps that they think we'll all accept their soft pussy footing approaches for ever, as they compete to be the most compassionate party for the criminal fraternity.

Newspaper stories of beaten up pensioners where the perpetrators get more sympathy and aftercare than the victim so as not to infringe on their human rights, (when most law abiding citizens like me believe that when you perpetrate a crime you've forfeited your full human rights in society) and other stories of the like have a lot to do with the frustration of voters who then place a maverick vote to try and shock the parties into reality.

I know people that have voted BNP for these reasons, but if they were to look like becoming a party in power they would dump them quickly. But that is the bigger danger, they thought they could control the Nazi party that way when they wanted to.

  Picklefactory 08:25 08 Jun 2009

I agree entirely. I really don't believe that if Parliament in general had shown any sort of grasp of reality and any sort of genuine understanding of the opinions and feelings of the public at large, then it would still be really between the big two parties.
In my opinion an awful lot of people have become so disillusioned by the attitude of Parliament, and deaf ears to what many, many people have been very unhappy about, that they are making a point. Again, it's only an opinion, but I think many of those who voted BNP would not have done so if they had any confidence at all, that their usual party of choice, or indeed the opposition, were seriously taking our opinions and interests seriously.
I admit to considering it myself at one stage, for exactly that reason, just to show the more serious parties that enough is enough.
The risk is that the BNP are actually gaining presence.
I'm not a racist, but I am totally against our ridiculously open door to all and sundry who appear to stroll into our country, many of whom just drain our resources. That, I think, is one of the major reasons for the BNP gaining votes, their policy of over the top bigotry, whilst unpalatable, is still a little more in line with public opinion on immigration than that of the main parties who don't appera to be listening.

I hope that there is a sold and positive response to this from Labour and the Tories, and they get their respective acts together to ensure that Joe Public can have some sort of confidence in their ability to lead in a manner to inspire some faith.

I also have little faith in either of them at present.

  Picklefactory 08:26 08 Jun 2009

I must type quicker :o)

  Quickbeam 08:31 08 Jun 2009

It proves the point that the majority don't get a look in from the big three...

  Picklefactory 08:32 08 Jun 2009

And more accurately :o(
"sold and positive response" should read solid and positive"
I won't correct all my typos and it could have been worse, I could have typed soiled ;o)

  Quickbeam 08:45 08 Jun 2009

We've just had an English Democrat mayor elected, something that would have made the national news if it wasn't for the upheavals at Westminster this week keeping it under the carpet.

When I checked to see who they were, I find them to be a 'soft' (for want of a better adjective) right wing party. This man couldn't have believed for a moment that he would come any better than fifth place or so, never mind oust the Labour candidate in one of the most anti Tory and rebellious counties of the now dead King Coal's domain.

We now wait to see what his policies will mean in the reality of a real world council chamber.

  ened 09:05 08 Jun 2009

I really do not think the BNP are going to get much of a foothold.

Too many voters will remember the devastation caused when an extremist party like this took control of Germany in the thirties.

When push comes to shove the voters are more likely to turn to UKIP as they did last Thursday.

If I was going to offer GB any advice today it would be to give the people the promised referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.

That would take the wind out of the sails of all his opponents.

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