The Ash Clod

  Quickbeam 09:29 02 May 2010

has drpped out of the news lately, but is still causing problems for returning travellers click here I had a call fro my neighbour asking if his house was OK, he's now 2 weeks past his planned return from visiting his son and family in Egypt.

  Quickbeam 09:30 02 May 2010

Tsk... where's my glasses? The particles in the ash are now the size of earth clods, but they're still flying:)

  jack 10:04 02 May 2010

Employs many teachers form the former colonies.
Come a long holiday they flit off to Oz, NZ, Canada, and other places exotic, as do many of the pupils who's families are from places far away.
She said, that on returning to school the place was very quiet with approx half strength staff trying to hold it all together - Even the head - holidaying in Mexico with her daughter got stuck in Dallas
how things have changed since my day

  ronalddonald 16:14 02 May 2010

i saw the documentary regarding the BA flight that flew the ash clouds on the way to Australia the engines were knocked out and the plane had to drift on air threw the ash clouds

smoke appeared in the plane and passengers were coughing however in the cockpit no fire lights had gone on, th crew thought the had done something wrong.

Before the engines went the first one caught fire so that closed in down the fire went out, the 2nd engine went and then the other two.

Also outside th had a glares of lights around the aircraft and. The crew were anticipating to land in the sea but eventually landed i think was in Jakarta.

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:51 02 May 2010

Clods incoming!!

  rdave13 18:58 02 May 2010

" To the air-raid shelter....

Clods incoming!!"
Is your spelling correct? ;)

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:03 02 May 2010

Check the thread title and Quickbeam's own response to his mistake.

BTW, my spelling is perfect but, sometimes my typing finger ignores instructions.

  rdave13 19:24 02 May 2010

I think you missed the point... ;)

  Al94 20:31 03 May 2010

It's coming back click here

  Quickbeam 20:42 03 May 2010

They've spelt clod wrong.

  Bapou 11:50 04 May 2010

It's back, says the Daily Mail:
click here

As we are due to depart for a weeks holiday early tomorrow morning from Newcastle Airport, I do hope the Mail are taking liberties with the story as usual.

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