anchor 12:03 22 Nov 2006

I received this little rhyme by e-mail from Dennis Publishing. The owner, Felix Dennis, is also a poet; (or so they say).

Anti-Social Behaviour Orders
[To the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"]

ASBO, ASBO, little law,
How we wonder what you're for,
Chavs and yobs who love to fight
Terrorise us every night.
Toothless, useless, little law,
How we wonder what you're for.

On the streets with hoods and knives,
How they terrorise our lives,
Though they all should be in bed,
All you do is boost their cred'.
ASBO, ASBO, can't you see
You are an accessory.

ASBO, ASBO, little law,
How we wonder what you're for,
Words will never rule the street,
We need coppers on the beat.
Toothless, useless, little law,
How we wonder what you're for.

  Cymro. 12:19 22 Nov 2006

I dare say that plenty of replies will come in on this one from the "HANG AND FLOG THEM BREGADE"

  Apron 12:36 22 Nov 2006

Well well! He's come a long way down the other road since Oz. How are the mighty fallen. he would definitely have qualified for an ASBO back then.

  Totally-braindead 13:19 22 Nov 2006

Theres no punishment for antisocial behaviour or indeed for most things so its hardly surprising that they carry on the way they do. They avoid the consequences of their actions.
Regarding the poetry I'm not a great fan of poetry anyway but its not very good in my opinion.

  Apron 14:18 22 Nov 2006

It's a very good example of verse d'occasion though. I difn't know that he was writing poetry, I wil find some more.

  The Brigadier 14:33 22 Nov 2006

Bring back the birch, criminals know they will get a nice soft cell that is warm, forget that make them do hard labour, give them the birch or make them live on bread and water.

Of course we cant do that as it would effect their european human rights, this should however be stripped from them when the commit a crime!

  Cymro. 14:37 22 Nov 2006


  The Brigadier 15:10 22 Nov 2006

You asked the question & i answered it!

  Cymro. 15:15 22 Nov 2006

It was not actually my question.

  Jak_1 17:19 22 Nov 2006

I think the soft touch (They are touched!) brigade have had plenty of chances to prove to us that their methods fail every time. Time to get tough again, harsh regimes and not for a short period of time either. Two years without the trimmings ie no tv, no computers etc. Just a bed and a sparse cell, keep them physically occupied between 6 am and 8 am, breakfast, school with old style teachers. At 4 pm more physical work then at 8 pm lock them in their cell for the night with 4 to a cell. 3 basic meals per day, no remission and only in their last month start the transgression back into normal life on the outside. Repeat offenders have their sentences increased by a year at a time.

  Forum Editor 18:22 22 Nov 2006

free of conflict shall we? It would be good to have a discussion without the sniping that sometimes occurs when we're debating a law & order topic.

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