Army mother 'has to pay for son's equipment'

  peter99co 21:04 13 Mar 2010

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I have never heard of this before?

  Bingalau 21:31 13 Mar 2010

Looks like a case of running to mum when things get tough. God help him ! Some people are not happy if they have got nothing to moan about. I am in touch with serving men all the time and they tell me they are better equipped than ever and certainly better than we were. Equipment is changing and improving all the time of course. That's the way of progress. The lads of WW2 would have given their eye teeth for the equipment servicemen are issued with these days.

  Grey Goo 21:56 13 Mar 2010

Didn't have to face the same firepower as now.

  polish 21:57 13 Mar 2010

one of my customers used to be in the marines and always bought his own boots etc the army boots were not good and did not fit properly he went to the falklands and various other places obviously things have not improved

  john bunyan 22:32 13 Mar 2010

" things have not improved "
Yes they have, as Bingalu says , in particular in the RM the guys say their personal kit has never been better. There are always "Rambo" characters who like to buy customised stuff. When it comes to vehicles and anti IED kit, etc that may be another issue.

  OTT_B 22:41 13 Mar 2010

I've never been in the armed forces, or indeed had anything much to do with any surrounding area, so as I say this I may be speaking out of turn; Isn't it a bad idea to buy untested, unapproved kit from (wherever) and take it into combat?
Just because some webbing may look better in the shop, it doesn't follow that it has the durability (for example) to survive in service.

  Kevscar1 07:31 14 Mar 2010

If things are so good why do we keep getting Coroners saying these soldiers died because of lack of proper equipment.

  morddwyd 09:32 14 Mar 2010

"Didn't have to face the same firepower as now"

The enemy's fire power has always been the same since Agincourt or earlier.

Slightly better or slightly worse than your own, depending on how well your armourers are doing.

  Input Overload 09:56 14 Mar 2010

Her term 'Child' when referring to her lad is intriguing. So she bought some webbing - Big deal.

Is most jobs I have had in my life I have bought extra gear & thought nothing of it, has this woman ever visited planet earth?

There are other forms of employment available such as setting up your own business where amazingly you have to buy everything yourself.

  bri-an 10:11 14 Mar 2010

I think one problem may be that the word 'equipment' can mean anything from a pair of socks to a helicopter.
Obviously they don't buy their own helicopters. Or do they? (;-)

  Forum Editor 10:18 14 Mar 2010

of a TV programme picking up on something that isn't an issue and making one of it.

A mother bought her son some webbing because she/he thought the kind supplied by the army was too 'basic', despite the fact it has been declared 'fit for purpose'. Her complaint is that the supplied webbing isn't the best available.

This isn't something new, it's been going on for centuries - people in the armed forces have always upgraded items of equipment themselves. American soldiers customise their kit in all kinds of ways.

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