Arming the Rebels

  morddwyd 20:06 30 Mar 2011

"David Cameron said the UK was not ruling out providing arms to rebels in "certain circumstances" but no decision had yet been taken."

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And perhaps in "certain circumstances" we may also provide "advisors" to show them how to use those weapons?

Shades of 1961 and "military assistance" to Saigon.

  dagbladet 20:28 30 Mar 2011


  morddwyd 20:39 30 Mar 2011

And ............ nearly 60,000 US "advisors" ended up dead.

  Strawballs 20:50 30 Mar 2011

Like we helped out Saddam Hussain in his fight against Iran.

  WhiteTruckMan 20:54 30 Mar 2011

A really, really, I mean *really* bad feeling about this idea.


  onionskin 21:19 30 Mar 2011

Nah... We armed the Mujahideen and that turned out alright.

  peter99co 21:35 30 Mar 2011

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Once the Soviets had left Afghanistan many of the groups that had been armed with US money shifted their horizons toward global jihad and this placed the US firmly in their sights.

  rickf 22:13 30 Mar 2011

It's the slippery slope isn't it? The West just seem unable to learn from history.

  Devil Fish 22:21 30 Mar 2011

always a tough one as you dont know the backgroud of these rebels and their aims beyond the overthrow of gadaffi

in my opinion it should be left to the Arab league, And the west (ie Europe and America )should stay well out of it

their are plenty of countries within the area with the finances and manpower and air power to sort this out why arn't they why are we muddying ouur paws again

  DippyGirl 22:43 30 Mar 2011

Gaddafi may(is) a bad man - the world is full of them.
The UN resolution was ( I thought ) to do with protecting civilians.
Airstrikes against advancing Gaddafi troops can (just) be argued to be part of the mandate
But arming the rebels - doesnt that break another UN resolution?
If the rebels start firing into Tripoli and killing the pro-gaddafi civilians are the UK/US/Fr going to bomb them ?

I am with WTM this is going to go bad.
Anyone see Dennis Skinner on the News tonight .. echos of what morddwyd is saying (or vice versa)

  Devil Fish 23:08 30 Mar 2011

DippyGirl you are absolutly correct the fighting rebels are combatents so were do you draw the line

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