Armed Forces Veterans Badge

  pj123 15:49 20 Oct 2008

Hi all.

Do you know about this? I just found out about it 3 weeks ago. I now have a very nice Lapel Badge.

If you were in the armed forces at any time, whether in regular service or conscripted you are entitled to this Lapel Badge.

It is free.

  pj123 15:50 20 Oct 2008

Sorry forgot the link.

Here it is;
click here

  Sapins 16:04 20 Oct 2008

Got mine a while back and recently received another one, maybe I "served" better than I thought!!!

Agree it's a nice badge though.

  pj123 17:05 20 Oct 2008

Very strange you should say that. I got two badges in two different envelopes and both arrived on the same day.

  Jak_1 17:17 20 Oct 2008

Had mine for over a year now.

  rawprawn 17:23 20 Oct 2008

I don't think that my National Service entitles me to anything. It interrupted my career, and although I believe it taught me discipline I spent most of the time in "School" learning Survey.
I don't think anyone such as me is really interested in a lapel badge.
Had I been on active service, and put my life at risk such as in Iraq that would be different. However the nearest I got was the Suez debacle.
I don't think anyone was proud of that.

  TopCat® 17:47 20 Oct 2008

If you attend any military public display or event for which there is a charge then your badge entitles you to a veteran's discount. TC.

  pj123 17:49 20 Oct 2008

rawprawn. How sad.

  rawprawn 18:08 20 Oct 2008

Not sad, I'm glad I served but it has no real attraction for me.

  The Brigadier 10:02 21 Oct 2008

It's different in the USA.
Their troops are supported a lot more since Vietnam.

Here in the UK we do bugger all to support veterans.

  johndrew 10:18 22 Oct 2008

To expand a little on what The Brigadier says.

Even British forces are supported well by the USA. My son was recently over there and all were given passes that entitled them to free entrance to all major attractions (Disney, Sea World, Busch Gardens, etc.) and many smaller ones, plus cheap/free meals/snacks and local travel. The American airlines upgraded them all on both internal and external flights when they found they were servicemen/women.

Apparently this treatment is `standard` for all coalition forces if they visit the USA. Pity our country fails to recognise the service performed by these people.

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