Argos web site down possible way round

  mole1944 13:57 02 Nov 2014

As a lot of you may have have found out the Argos web site is giving errors to get on it,well i use chrome and indeed get the not available screen. I tried i.e and wallah, the site seems ok for using it to access the Argos site.

  john bunyan 13:59 02 Nov 2014

No problem just now with IE11.

  tullie 15:13 02 Nov 2014

No problem here with Firefox

  spuds 15:31 02 Nov 2014

During the daytime the other day, the Argos website was out of action 'due to maintenance', which seemed very strange at the time.

Just checked and no problems with either Firefox or Chrome.

  mole1944 15:36 02 Nov 2014

Looks like it "maybe" fixed

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