Area Calculation help

  wids001 23:41 15 Dec 2010


Can anyone help me out here please!

I have an area of 1150m2. If I use paving flags that are 600mm x 450mm how many am I going to need?

  lotvic 00:09 16 Dec 2010

Here you go click here has a pop up calculator to input the area and then click on 'Work it out' :)

  MAJ 00:09 16 Dec 2010

About 4350.

  Forum Editor 00:19 16 Dec 2010

4260 slabs.

That's some patio you have there!

  lotvic 00:20 16 Dec 2010

It's probably in-between those numbers allowing for wastage and shape of area to be covered and some flags having to be cut etc.

  Forum Editor 00:21 16 Dec 2010

that you'll need to make an allowance for the grout lines - you're not laying the stones edge to edge, so you'll need less than the total I quoted.

  peter99co 00:33 16 Dec 2010

Unless you have calculated the area wrongly :-)

  lotvic 01:38 16 Dec 2010

1150 square metres = area length 34 x width 34 metres (rounded up) (square root is 33.91164991562634069532278163313)
or 111 feet 6inches x 111 feet 6inches (rounded up)

  octal 06:18 16 Dec 2010

Patio? It sounds more like the local authority car park! Are you absolutely sure the square area has been calculated correctly? Because 1150m² is a big area. Even 100m² is a large area, make sure you haven't mixed up feet with metres.

  Noldi 06:28 16 Dec 2010

I think he may have his Meters with Centimeters mixed up.


  Noldi 06:34 16 Dec 2010

If it is Cm then you have a patio of about 3.4m x 3.4m (11ft x 11Fft)

60 slabs should be enough for this area including a few spare for cutting etc.


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