Are your councils/councillors as daft as mine.

  KRONOS the First 18:34 18 Sep 2012

In my local evening paper there were a couple stories that made raise my eyebrow.

One was where an unencrypted laptop was stolen from the home of a member of an adoption panel. This laptop contained sensitive information about children being adopted or fostered. But a councillor said that the theft may have a silver lining as it will become part of the process of tightening up on security on IT. The words barn door and bolting horse spring to mind.

Second story application empty tower block awaiting demolition, the council sent hundreds of letters to the non existent tenants if they had any objection to a planning application.

We up here in Edinburgh have a long standing tradition of wasting money,(trams fiasco),and loosing touch with reality once in power and it really does not matter which party,they are all as equally useless.

  Forum Editor 07:38 19 Sep 2012

A laptop being stolen from somebody's home isn't in itself a fault in the Council's IT security procedures. A person's home is a perfectly reasonable place for a business laptop to be. The fact that the sensitive information on the machine wasn't encrypted is obviously a serious failing as far as IT

Your other example is a classic example of someone slavishly adhering to a set procedure (one that's required by law) without seeing the full picture. It's the kind of thing that happens a lot.

  Chegs ®™ 15:04 21 Sep 2012

Our councils planning dept decided that a betting shops windows covered with gold film wasnt in-keeping with the conservation area rules so took the owner to court for breaching planning regs.The case was thrown out when it was pointed out that the exact same gold film was applied to the councils own office windows.

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