are you using your real name on google+, and your opinion on google enforcing it?

  theDarkness 20:05 01 Sep 2013

Youtube pop ups suggesting to use my google+ name are getting tedious. I noticed yesterday that their latest cunning method is to ask you if you want to change, and instead of having a choice between the two channels (youtube name or + name), now only having a choice between 'OK' to accept and a small 'x' in the window to refuse.

Their selling of personal details for commerce, rather than reducing the amount of abuse on youtube and amount of copyrighted uploads, is surely google's true goal in all of this. One article I read online (daily mail?) stated that the real name enforcement was not working, and compared the arrogance and bullying of youtube users now using their supposed real names, to the politeness of user conversation on the largest pornographic website currently going, lol. In my opinion, real names which suggest country of origin on youtube, could increase racism.

What do you think of google's enforcement of using a real name? To me, being able to switch between + and youtube user accounts and comment seperately is a bit of a mess. Pushing for one real name for both accounts, surely hints that they will merge + and youtube together one day as one social website.

I have also never used my real name on +, and as a result noticed a warning on screen on my profile. If I did not change my name on google+ to something else, that google would suspend my account indefinitely. What happened to choice and privacy? My name broke their rules (using my youtube nickname, and likely not using a name that their automated service detected as american). It would seem celebrities will be able to keep their stage names, so its one rule for them, and another for the public, but then, I suppose their names will go under google+ list of 'businesses', and google do not want members of the public to be calling themselves 'tom cruise' just to gain followers. You cannot however even use 'Mr' or too many initials - google+ rules here.

If anyone is to have problems with +, it's these poor people. :(

  rdave13 20:16 01 Sep 2013

theDarkness to be honest with you I couldn't care less. If the service you use are adamant for you to use your real name, and you disagree, then leave and insist they delete all your previous information on their servers. There is a link for Facebook to do it but not sure of G+. Had a look at + but it's useless to me as it is the same as Farcebook.

  Jwbjnwolf 20:31 01 Sep 2013

I'm not bothered, as I am able to just put my Internet name "Jase Wolf" which everywhere across the net I use same for my username jwbjnwolf. I even use my Internet name for when I'm out and about, such as on Thursday (if you read my post about Thursday). As long as a site will accept my Internet name, then I'm happy, but if they want proof, then I'm just gonna go somewhere else, just like rdave13 said.

There is a way to close down your google+ just like YouTube and Facebook, but I've never used it as I ain't bothered as I like google+ (although I hardly use it)

  bumpkin 20:37 01 Sep 2013

rdave, I could not have put it better, my views entirely.

  theDarkness 22:16 01 Sep 2013

Do you think it is immoral, not to be given the choice to use another name other than your own, regardless of website-a push for only true personal details? I know its a free service, and anyone can quit if they disagree with any terms at any time, but in reality the majority will probably not seek an alternative, think they have no option for alternative websites and just abide by the rules, whether on +,youtube or any other social network. Unless you have picked a genuine random common name, workarounds seem limited, and if admin find your name to be too similar to your nickname or unusual in a post, they may still suspend in future. I suppose false details could be considered antisocial, but when it comes to internet privacy, simply sharing interests with others you may never meet, and the likelyhood of social websites always being obvious hacking targets, I do not see why they should not give people options and be so strict.

  fourm member 09:33 02 Sep 2013

Am I being stupid here?

Surely Google has no way of knowing if you are Jim Williams or Henry Jackson?

That means you don't need to use your real name as long as you use what Google recognises as a name.

That makes it silly for Google to think it can improve online behaviour by making people use real names but equally silly for people to get upset because they can't use their ubercool online identity.

  Quickbeam 11:47 02 Sep 2013

I never knew that I was ubercool until now...

  Jwbjnwolf 15:15 02 Sep 2013

As far as I am aware, Google has never ever asked for proof that it's your real name, but even if it was, any website has the right to ask for that.

You do not need to sign up to that website if you do not agree. That's what the terms and conditions are for, what the privacy policy is for. If you don't agree with it, then you don't sign up. They aren't forcing you to, so why is it immoral? Because any person has the right to ask what your name is in public, anyone has the right to ask to see your ID, but you have the right to say no, and so they cannot force you so unless that's what's they are doing then how's it immoral?

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