Are you using all of your HDD?

  WhiteTruckMan 01:35 13 Oct 2007

Heres the scenario that got me thinking about this. On a visit to a customer I was asked by one of the guys if I knew how to get rid of partition that a customer had put on a laptop. The machine had been returned and was going to be resold as a used machine, but needed to be returned to factory spec. It had been reloaded, and factory spec had two partitions on it, but the customer had added another one that needed deleting. The machine was a fujitsu with vista, but I went to disk management in admin and simply deleted the extra partition. This left about 11 gig unassigned. We didnt know which partition to assign it to, so we pulled another machine off the pile to have a look. Heres where it got interesting, because that machine already had 2 gig unassigned. so we pulled another, and found 6gig loose. Same with another.

At this point I must say that these were not brand new out of the box machines, but rather customers machines that had been returned for one reason or another. But I find it odd that they all had areas of the drives not assigned. I'm not posting this in the helproom because I dont actually have a problem, but if you have a factory built machine (especially if its a fujitsu laptop) then why not see if in fact all your drive is being used?


  wolfie3000 01:58 13 Oct 2007

TO my knowledge all my hard drive is used,

I have a 500GB raid array and it comes up as 500GB,
trouble is i only have 94GB freespace left.

Its all the games i have installed. lol

  rdave13 02:14 13 Oct 2007

I have an HP presario laptop with restore partition deleted on an 80 GB hdd. Shows 49.9 GB free of 74.5 GB disc even though supposed to be 80GB. About 5.5GB missing but suppose that is down to OS and virtual memory.

  Chris the Ancient 10:59 13 Oct 2007

An interesting point.

Apart from Wolfie3000, with his penchant for games (and I'm not being critical or sarcastic there!), how many people really need a massive hard drive anyway? And does it really matter that some of it is unassigned?

I recently had to change my primary drive (split into C: and D;) because of its old age and incipient demise and I ended up with a 150Gb one. I could have got a slightly smaller one, but the performance of that smaller one was inferior for not a lot of difference in cash. My new drive is only using about 90% of its available space.

Maybe a bit retentive in that I don't keep things I don't want on the drive; But do I really need all that space? I think not! But, if one day I want to load a really large program, I will have plenty of space ;o)

  AI33 11:02 13 Oct 2007

" because that machine already had 2 gig unassigned. so we pulled another, and found 6gig loose. "

That is where the operating system is stored in case the machine fails to work. Most manufacturers now do not give an operating system disk and I think by law they must be a way to put the machine right if it fails to work. so manufacturers put the O/S in a usually hidden partition on the hard drive.

A 2Gb partition would be for Xp and all the drivers

A 6Gb partition would be for Vista.

My machine has a partition of just over 7Gb labled compaq.

  Stuartli 11:04 13 Oct 2007

>>and I ended up with a 150Gb one>>

Don't you mean a 160GB model - never known of a 150GB hard drive?

  johndrew 11:11 13 Oct 2007

Maybe it`s worth considering two smaller drives though as the second can be used to backup the primary. In the event of failure of the primary the second drive content can then be used to create a new primary with the minimum of fuss and little, if any, data is lost.

As for very large drives (500GB+ sizes), unless they are very fast, would they not slow things down? Perhaps the best use for such massive amounts of space would be as a storage device external to the PC unless the PC were being used as a HDD film recorder of some sort.

  octal 11:36 13 Oct 2007

That's why my 250GB hard drive shows as 232GB click here

Just multiply by your hard drive by 0.93125

  Chris the Ancient 11:39 13 Oct 2007

Sorry, 160Gb.

Someone secretly swapped the '5' and '6' keys around on my keyboard :o))

  Legolas 13:37 13 Oct 2007

I have Fujisu Siemens laptop with an 80gb HDD but only 74.5gb is available to me I'm not sure what the other 5.5gb is used for. How would I check for a hidden partition?

  al7478 14:16 13 Oct 2007

i have a 160, and have used less than 30%, including the OS. I should have tried to negotiate with dell to give me a smaller hard drive.

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