Are you really bothered about child labour

  carver 10:52 17 Oct 2012

Reason I ask is that we buy all these new gadgets, things like new iPhone/ipad or even any new smart phone but would you really give them up after reading enter link description here about this.

We wouldn't or shouldn't allow that sort of thing to happen in this country and there would be a great deal of outrage if a firm was found to be employing under age children but it happens in China and we still buy the products.

Reason I picked on this story is that Apple like to show a caring face to the world but seem more concerned about profit than child labour.

  carver 18:15 17 Oct 2012

How can you say that the employment record for Foxconn looks good, they have children working for them that have no say in the matter, it's not would you like to work for me it's YOU WILL work for this company.

These are 14 year old children who should be at school, not working on an assembly line producing iPhones for Apple and to say it's China is no reason to condone the practice.

  Forum Editor 18:41 17 Oct 2012

"How can you say that the employment record for Foxconn looks good"

Who has said that?

  carver 18:48 17 Oct 2012

"Foxconn's employment policies would look outrageous if it had a factory in Birmingham but in China they look pretty good."

Just a short extract from fourm member post, not exactly word for word but near enough to my posting.

  morddwyd 20:16 17 Oct 2012

"These are 14 year old children who should be at school,"

If there is a school.

  Aitchbee 22:04 17 Oct 2012

fm said:-

If you want to invade the world and deal with all the unfairness in it - feel free.

please explain, fm.

  Aitchbee 22:10 17 Oct 2012

It is impossible to invade the world ...unless you are an extra-terrestrial being?

  Condom 22:16 17 Oct 2012

The first thing that we in the west need to recognise is that it has taken centuries for us to reach the position we are in with regard to children and employment. In the 60's I worked 7 days a week from 6am - 8am delivering milk for the princely sum of 18 shillings a week. I then had to go to school and try and learn. My earnings bought me my first guitar which helped me earn some bigger money in later years.

I now live most of my life in the far east and I see some dreadful sights to me on a daily basis. I often come home by taxi in the small hours of the morning and I see young children under the age of 10 (as it is often difficult to tell ages accurately) at every traffic junction trying to earn a few baht by washing windscreens in 6 lanes of traffic. Your head tells you initially "why are they not in bed for school tomorrow" and then you realise that without this few baht perhaps granny and grandad will not be eating tomorrow. The nuclear family as what I was taught it was when studying in the UK is actually quite real here and working pretty well.

It is not just Apple in the spotlight as Gap and just about every other large company you can think of buys their products from the fruits of this type of labour. My taxi drivers are normally pretty sympathetic and let them wipe the screen or more normally buy some of the fragrant flowers which they sell to refresh the cars. If they do this I normally take the opportunity to give them a few baht as well with the view that personally I can't change anything and maybe I am helping someone eat the next day.

Do I like it, no I don't but I am a realist.

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