Are you ready for your IT ID !!

  spuds 11:52 22 Sep 2004

Advanced Technology, but it still leaves the human to write the questionaire click here

Will an ID card solve all or most of the ways of the world.And what will it cost, as it would appear as though figures of £30 to £70 are being suggested for each persons 'bit of security'.

  pj123 13:24 22 Sep 2004

We must be the only country (perhaps) in the world that doesn't have ID cards. Most of us have some sort of ID in our pocket/wallet/handbag to prove who we are. It has never failed me. Like we must be the only country who doesn't have police officers running around with guns strapped to their waist. It hasn't been a problem in the past so why should it be a problem now?

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