Are you ready for the Trains Strike?

  peter99co 21:18 25 Mar 2010

The Association of Train Operating Companies condemned the action, saying it would be "hugely frustrating for passengers and bad for British business".

Network Rail "we are asking small numbers of signallers, who have average earnings of almost £50,000, to move from a three day week to a four dayweek."

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Are we seeing the unions asking workers to act like Lemmings?

  ella33 21:37 25 Mar 2010

I am just hoping the coaches are ok, that seems the best option. It is hard to tell whether London Transport is on strike or not. Two weeks ago I was redirected to Cannon Street, only to be told the underground does not open on sundays! We got there but I am coach lover at the moment!

  sunnystaines 07:37 26 Mar 2010

are we returning to the 70's

BA cabin crew
Civil service
rail services
gas workers
BA engineers

all talking strikes

dustbin men is all that is needed now to strike.

  Quickbeam 07:39 26 Mar 2010

Unfortunately I don't see an iron leader in Cameron to tackle them.

  wiz-king 08:09 26 Mar 2010

I wont get a good nights sleep. I live between two rail lines and if the trains stop the lack of noise wakes me up! I am so used to the time tables that missing one train tends to wake me up.

  Quickbeam 08:55 26 Mar 2010

Well, time will tell. What with all the talk of the next government not having a majority to govern for long, I can see more retro life returning in the way of a general election every 18 months or so for a while until the next iron leader grabs the country by the horns, for it's own good.

That's not an easy thing for me to contemplate as the necessary thing, not living in an area that will hold street parties while the prosperous South East goes into state mourning when Lady Thatcher pops her clogs...

  michaelw 09:03 26 Mar 2010

I fully support the signalers.

Just because they're on a basic £35,000 for 3 days work and make their pay up to £70,000 on bonuses why should the little poppets have to work for 4 days?

  Big L 266 13:13 26 Mar 2010


Back in the 1970s,I recall quite well the miners strike in which we had a three day week. We were able to get to do our work (pre-computer)whilst we had our five hours of power before being switched off again. The same was at home. There we had an 'on-and-off' power supply with candles for lighting and no telly.This lasted for several weeks and I believe it was Joe Gormley who was in charge of the National Union of Mineworkers.

I also recall the local authority strikes.My one lasting recollection was seeing Leicester Square being used as a gigantic rubbish tip for weeks on end when the dustmen were on strike.The dead also went unburied for months. Also in the 1970s there was a six week national postal strike called by Tom Jackson (he of a major moustache fame), and a national rail strike which was called I believe by Ray Buckton. I believe there were also strikes by the gas and electricity people in the 70s as well.

So am I ready for the train strikes? Yes! As a direct descendent of the Dodo, Bob Crow won't spoil my plans. I'll be staying at home in sunny Spalding.


Big L 266

  sunnystaines 13:27 26 Mar 2010

remember all that too, street lights out in power cuts.

looks like we back to the bad old days of militant unions and a weak gov't

  Big L 266 14:01 26 Mar 2010


Yes,I remember them well. Every tinpot union with a grudge going on strike for any silly reason they could do so.

When I was typing this I suddenly thought of Red Robbo (Derek Robinson?) of British Leyland fame ruining that car company and the Grunwick (is that the right spelling?) strikers locked out of their workplaces.

Oddly enough I also thought of Bruce Forsyth singing "I'm Backing Britain" from 1969! Doesn't bear thinking about does it?

Big L 266

  Quickbeam 14:56 26 Mar 2010

"The dead also went unburied for months"
I can't think that we would in any way accept that now.

Younger readers must have a vision of 'bring out the dead' carts and piles of dead in the streets awaiting burial:)

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