Are you prepared for the storm?

  Flak999 18:01 26 Oct 2013

The whole of southern England is on a met office amber alert for the biggest storm to hit our shores since the famous Michael Fish 'hurricane' of 1987.

Are you all making preparations for this big blow? I have been out in the garden moving pots, tying down the garden furniture and putting some more nails in the felt on the shed roof. My neighbours fence which already has a broken post propped up with a rake looks decidedly precarious, and I am fully expecting to find it on the floor come Monday morning.

I was on duty with the LFB in 1987 and a wild and eventful night it was, there were ten trees down on one road in Ruislip and all we had to deal with them at the time was several large axes!

I can well remember going out onto a balcony on the tenth floor of a block of flats to attempt to secure a window cleaners cradle which was smashing all the windows on one side of the building!

Not something that I would wish to repeat!

So have you all battened down the hatches?

  Forum Editor 18:16 26 Oct 2013

Actually the amber alert is for Monday - there are currently no severe weather warnings for Sunday, although that could change as the storm tracks across the Atlantic. The Met office will issue an update tomorrow morning. There is some speculation that the storm might (just might) change track and miss us altogether, passing through the English channel.

None of that means that it wouldn't be a good idea to take precautions, and it's difficult not to be a bit worried. I have an 80 foot high Eucalyptus tree at the bottom of my garden, and it's leaning quite a bit. A tree surgeon told me that it's nothing to worry about - 'It isn't going to come down in a gale' he said. Fortunately it's too far away to present a danger to the house, but I wouldn't fancy the clear-up operation if it was blown down.

Let's hope things aren't as bad as the forecasters say they could be.

  woodchip 18:16 26 Oct 2013

Not looking foreword to it, I hate Wind. Plus I do not know what to tie down as if I did something else would blow away

  QuizMan 18:18 26 Oct 2013

Those of us that experienced the storm in 1987 will be aware of the potential hazards. My job tomorrow is to move anything not tied down in the garden into the garage. Even then I may not be completely safe. My garden shed disappeared last time.

Only time will tell if the Met Office is over-reacting in view of Michael Fish.

  sunnystaines 19:06 26 Oct 2013

storm not put itself together yet but likley. may peter out before hitting GB but still strong winds. may go south and hit france. or go north and hit north west. all windows will be tightly shut, nothing to blow around in garden, decking blinds wound in. few days ago had 70 mph winds that was ok, and a month or two ago small tornado flew byat night must have been close as it sounded like a intercity train running over our conservatory did not know about the tornado till in news next morning.

in 87 had two tiles blown off, but were living inland and not on the coast.

  morddwyd 19:53 26 Oct 2013

"but I wouldn't fancy the clear-up operation if it was blown down."

But your sinuses would be clear for days!

  Forum Editor 20:56 26 Oct 2013


Thank you for making me smile. My wife is on the phone to her sister, and I've just heard her relating your remark amid gusts of laughter.

  bumpkin 21:07 26 Oct 2013

Don't worry, there is no chance of a storm,trust me Michael.

  bumpkin 21:10 26 Oct 2013

A good storm should clear the air and a good opportunity for politicians to bury bad news.

  bumpkin 21:16 26 Oct 2013

Power lines down and phone lines so a good reason to increase your bills, not to mention removing a few trees so up your council tax and of course your motor insurance.

  Aitchbee 21:45 26 Oct 2013

... I, do hope that the powers-that-be, in charge of all of those silly wind-tubines, up-'n'-down-the land, have switched off their 'whirlygigs', 'cos they all might 'blow-a-fuse', if it gets too windy! [I reckon]

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