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Are you one of the lazy economically inactive...?

  Quickbeam 18:22 19 Feb 2020

Priti Patel's pretty vacant solution.

If she thinks that this will reduce immigration needs to any great extent, well words (forum acceptable words) escape me...

  alanrwood 18:42 19 Feb 2020

Pretty dogmatic policy. Absolutely stupid and pandering to the right wing and little Englanders

  john bunyan 19:17 19 Feb 2020

Agreed . Care homes ; arable farmers and many others depend on relatively low paid immigrant labour who do jobs we , the British- especially the young - can’t or won’t do.

  Quickbeam 19:53 19 Feb 2020

This became the inevitable subject on several radio phone in shows today. Needless to say, it didn't go down very well at all, it seemed like pretty Priti was the only one that believed in it!

That and along with the announcement that care workers won't be included in the NHS staffing exemption from the £25k minimum salary requirement.

  john bunyan 20:11 19 Feb 2020

Priti probably has private health insurance so is not bothered. Even in private hospitals, many care workers are not born here.

I wonder if the habit of , for example, the Pakistani diaspora to send for wives from there rather than finding a bride here will be curtailed? ( Other diasporas also)

  HondaMan 21:19 19 Feb 2020

Witspecified exceoptionsh so many people on government support of one sort or another, filling vacancies should not be that much of a problem. "work our starve" should be our ideal, with certain exceptions. You only have to look around the streets and in the pubs and cafes to see them spending their hand-outs. And having had my rant, let's see who agrees!

  Forum Editor 22:36 19 Feb 2020

**"The ONS says that of the 8.48 million economically inactive people: 6.61 million do not want a job 1.87 million would like a job So those 1.87 million could be targeted by businesses seeking to invest in their skills - although there may be various reasons why they are not currently looking for work."**

It seems to me that almost any new policy that has to do with getting more people into work is worth trying. If there are 1.8 million people who currently don't have a job but would like one, I can see no harm in trying to help them get there. Better, I would have thought, to do that than to do nothing at all and leave those people to their own devices.

  qwbos 00:54 20 Feb 2020

Care homes ; arable farmers and many others depend on relatively low paid immigrant labour who do jobs we , the British- especially the young - can’t or won’t do.

Can't doesn't come into it. It's won't that's the major problem, coupled with the ability of many to fleece the benefits system of taxpayers' money.

I've been watching Cornwall:This Fishing Life where parts of the fishing industry has come to rely on immigrants, partly because locals can't afford to live in the area, as much of the housing has gone for holiday homes that are rarely occupied.

Contrast that with the fishing industry in NE Scotland, where fish processing is dominated by Eastern Europeans, and boat crews come from as far away as the Far East. Not so long ago, young local lads were queueing to get a berth on a fishing boat.

So what's changed? Basically, they now have to work harder for their money, doing a job where they can't tether themselves to their phones and games consoles.

For whatever reason, people tend to over estimate their value to an employer. They need a reality check, and that may have to be by way of benefit sanctions if they refuse to work.

It's amazing how willing to work previous generations were, when there wasn't the safety net of an over generous (for some) benefits system.

  Quickbeam 06:32 20 Feb 2020

This is not about the people that are perfectly capable of doing a days work. As the FE points out , the 8.5 million is quickly reduced to under 2 million. This is the figure that Patel should have quoted, not the greater figure that includes carers, long term ill/injured and generally worn out!

These are not going to revive our fortunes because we've decided to play hard ball on immigration figures. This is just the folly of a hostile government playing to an easily duped hostile audience. Or more simply put, rabble rousing!

I could return to full time work if I wanted to, so I supose that I'm one of the economically inactive. I'm not exhausted, ill or crippled, but by choice I retired at 60, I'd be better off, but after 45 years, I'm happy to cruise by while I'm still active and have the time to do whati want, when I want, how I want.

It'll be a cold day in hell if I take up work again!

  wee eddie 07:42 20 Feb 2020

One moral question:

Should a business, that relies on a workforce that is underpaid, almost "slave", labour. Survive?

  Quickbeam 07:54 20 Feb 2020

A business that doesn't pay the minimum wage is employing illegally.

The problem we have now is that the minimum wage is considered the maximum wage. When employees ask for more they're told that the government hasn't raised it yet.

The problem then becomes that what incentive to longer serving employees have to do any more than the new starter that doesn't give a toss...

When I started work at 16 the starting rate was 18p per hour (same as a pint of beer for reference to younger readers!), after 6 months I got a raise to 20p ph, after a year another rise and so on. This was to reflect that I was more skilled/useful than a new start. It also gave me the incentive to make a career in that trade (bakery), I didn't do bad out of it.

But as above, if I was never paid more than the inevitable tossers that pass through any system, where is the incentive to not be a general tosser too!

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