Are you a metric or imperial person?

  Si_L 12:57 11 Sep 2007

The EU has allowed Britain to continue using imperial units:

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Metric is the way forward, despite the costs of switching to imperial, I think it is in our long term interests that we make Britain metric.

  Quickbeam 13:07 11 Sep 2007

of the coinage, then we wouldn't have all this problem now.

I believe at the time the 'people that know', thought it would be too much for us to comprehend in one go?

So now we have a ridiculous situation of being neither here nor there.

The old 'pint' of beer chestnut needn't be a problem as, a few local exceptions don't really affect metrication in general.

  Whitehart 13:25 11 Sep 2007

Well the building industry went metric in 1971 and although a little confusing to start with we soon got used to it.

I still find that measuring in inches comes natural to me but as I can use both metric and imperial systems it is easy for me either way.

  sunny staines 13:38 11 Sep 2007

used imperial at school, when shopping have to convert back to inches so i know where i am.

  Ancient Learner 13:44 11 Sep 2007

Surely the largest proportion of the world uses Imperial measures. This is what really upsets the EU Barons as it gives us an advantage when manufacturing and selling to America etc. It's the same with our right hand drive vehicles, and I do know that America uses left hand drives, but much of Asia, Africa and New Zealand are right handed.
I can use both metric and Imperial but I much prefer Imperial, as I have to convert Metric to Imperial to understand what it actually means.
As for kilometres to litres please save me - it is meaningless.

Perhaps now we will be able to buy a pound jar of jam, instead of its metric equivalent, which is in the same jar as always.

  Cymro. 13:45 11 Sep 2007

It is high time this country caught up with the 21st. century. It is just this sort of anti-European attitude that keeps us behind other countries.

Whatever we may say about Harold Wilson's government of the mid 60s. at least they had the guts to take in to decimal currency.

So the sooner we go metric with everything the better I will like it. One day we will ditch the pound sterling for the Euro just think of the fuss people will make then.

I can think of no good reason other than sentiment for sticking with imperial weights and measures etc.

  jimv7 13:57 11 Sep 2007

Ancient Learner, close but not correct.

America does not use imperial measures regarding liquids, an imperial gallon is 8 pints, a us gallon is 6 pints.

And a simple question, most of us know what a yard is, a measurement of cloth from the finger tips to the shoulder.

What is a meter?

  ventanas 14:05 11 Sep 2007

A meter is not much more, and arms differ in length.

I think we should continue to metric, it's much easier to use, no silly units that make no sense. Moving the decimal point is far more logical. I stopped using imperial in all forms of measurement years ago, with the exception of those that are still forced on me, such as distances when driving.

  Curio 14:06 11 Sep 2007

A meter is for measuring gas, water, electricity etc

  Cymro. 14:10 11 Sep 2007

You say
"the largest proportion of the world uses Imperial measures".
So what! at one time the largest proportion of the world thought the world was flat, and anyway decimal is still better than imperial.

You then go on to say
"I can use both metric and Imperial but I much prefer Imperial, as I have to convert Metric to Imperial to understand what it actually means".
So how can you say "I can use both metric and Imperial" if you have to convert one to the other so as to understand what it means?.

As for Africa, Asia, America, New Zealand, they too will go metric one day anyway.

I think you have chosen the most apt name for use on this ,Ancient Learner= someone who can`t learn or accept anything new.

  Si_L 14:11 11 Sep 2007

Americans also differ with their numbers. A billion in UK is 1 followed by nine 0's. In the US, it is followed by twelve.

The sooner we standardise currency, measurement, units etc, the better for all.

I think Cymro has a point, the people who want to keep imperial only want it because of a sentimental attachment to it, and the fact that it is more convenient to THEM, and they don't like change.

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