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Are you leaving your central heating on??

  rickf 19:32 21 Dec 2010

Just wondering how many are leaving their CH on 24/7 at the moment. I tend to turn it off for about 5/6hrs in the night when in bed. Cost is going to be very high for the next bill. Mine's on almost all day as I am working fromhome.

  lotvic 10:14 22 Dec 2010

Mine is on 24/7 and I use the thermostat on hall wall to control temps as well as radiator stats.

  Quickbeam 10:44 22 Dec 2010

I can't do with the heating on all night, but after Monday night I had to pension my duvet off that's years old after I had to get up and put my socks on to go back to bed at 3am!

  Forum Editor 13:53 22 Dec 2010

"You're a Google fanatic aren't you?"

Not really. I've acted as a consultant to people in the construction industry for many years, and I've picked up all kinds of information from the work I do.

  Forum Editor 13:59 22 Dec 2010

Google is indeed a repository for more information than the average person could assimilate in several lifetimes, but it would be silly to assume that if it's not there it has never happened or existed, and I certainly don't feel that way.

My big passion in life - ever since I was very young - has been the study of butterflies and moths, and I'm aware that a great deal of information about them isn't on the web. The same applies to most fields of study. Google is great, but it isn't a substitute for a brain - in-depth study has always been, and still is the way to real knowledge.

  Ex plorer 16:53 22 Dec 2010

Same as lotvic on 24/7 controlled by the room thermostat next to me 19 day time 22 night time and rads set as necessary.
In my opinion its best to keep heating running with very short off intervals or on 24/7 in this weather.
A house takes a lot of warming up if off for a long periods of time so very little gained on saving money or fuel.

  CurlyWhirly 22:51 23 Dec 2010

In the winter I leave my central heating on 24/7 but to avoid a big gas bill I turn the room thermostat down before retiring to bed !

I have a thermostatic radiator valve in 2 rooms namely the living room and my bedroom.

Personally with the sub-zero temperatures over night, I would be concerned about my pipes freezing !

I don't have my feeder and expansion tanks in the loft but in an airing cupboard in one of my bedrooms.

Even so, I would still be concerned about freezing as the overflow pipe lets cold air in although it's only a small diameter pipe aprox an inch wide.

  CurlyWhirly 22:56 23 Dec 2010

My heating system is off at night.

There's quite enough residual heat in the system to keep the house above freezing all night, and modern boilers have an inbuilt frost-stat that will fire the boiler when the temperature falls to near freezing, regardless of whether the system is on or off.
I'm not risking it as my boiler is around 15 years old and I'm not sure if it has this protection.

It's in good shape though as it's serviced EVERY winter without fail.

  Forum Editor 23:20 23 Dec 2010

Very wise, because unless an external frost-stat has been wired to your boiler it would almost certainly not have one.

The real danger with overflow pipes is when a faulty ball valve doesn't quite close, allowing the water level in a tank to rise, and a small but regular trickle of water to escape via the overflow pipe at night, when the tank isn't being emptied. As the temperature falls below freezing the trickle can form an icicle, and if it'c cold enough this will eventually block the pipe altogether, and cause the water to overflow the tank onto the room below.

  CurlyWhirly 23:51 23 Dec 2010

Yes that's why I check my overflow pipe daily !

It's visible from my back door so not too much of a hassle.

  spuds 11:16 24 Dec 2010

Talking about thermostats, we have them on all the radiators, plus the hot water tank and the boiler. There is also one that was placed on the landing (second level) as a room temperature device (which controls the boiler, located elsewhere).

When an installation inspector came to inspect the 'modernised' system, he stated that the room temperature thermostat should not have been placed on a landing area, but at a ground floor level, thats in regular use. After further discussions regarding extra work etc, he agreed to leave the thermostat where it was.

Does anyone have a similar situation regarding 'landing' thermostat locations, and possibly being in the wrong place?.

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